2016 In Review

Governor Tom Wolf ends his second year in office with major accomplishments in his key priorities, including funding our schools, creating middle-class jobs, fighting the opioid epidemic, reforming state government, and working with the legislature to move Pennsylvania forward. Try going full screen on the slider above by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the slider.

1. Increased education funding by $640 million over two years

Working with the legislature, the governor enacted a fair funding formula and secured a historic $640 million increase to education funding.

2. Created and retained over 200,000 jobs

In 2016, the Wolf Administration secured commitments for creating and retaining more than 200,000 full-time jobs and the investment of nearly $1.1 billion in Pennsylvania’s economy.

Shell will create 6,000 full-time construction jobs and 600 permanent positions, Governor Wolf’s investment in the Philadelphia port will create thousands of jobs, and Amazon’s expansion will mean 5,000 new, full-time jobs.

3. Increased resources to fight the opioid epidemic

Governor Wolf worked with the legislature to secure $20.4 million in the 2016-17 budget to fund treatment for 45 Centers of Excellence for Pennsylvanians struggling with opioid use disorder and to pass and enact five key bills to decrease opioid abuse.

Governor Wolf also announced more than 2,000 opioid overdoses were reversed with Naloxone and launched Pennsylvania’s prescription drug monitoring program.

4. Saved money and improved services for taxpayers

Governor Wolf continued his efforts to make state government more efficient, innovative, responsive, and accountable through the state’s GO-TIME initiative and announced first-year savings of $156 million.

In addition, the Department of Human Services reduced the SNAP error rate to save $35 million, online voter registration reached nearly one million users, and PennDOT launched new innovations to improve DMV customer service.

5. Legalized medical marijuana

Governor Wolf worked with the General Assembly to achieve historic and bipartisan legislation legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania for the first time.

  Graphic of Governor Wolf's year by the numbers
Governor Wolf’s admin by the numbers. Click the graphics to expand.

6. Reformed Pennsylvania’s liquor system

Together, Governor Wolf and the General Assembly implemented the most sweeping liquor reforms since Prohibition, including: direct shipment of wine, ‘freeing the six-pack,’ and wine in grocery stores.

7. Increased job opportunities for Pennsylvanians with workforce training

Governor Wolf worked to increase employment opportunities for workers and high school students with disabilities.

In 2016, 5,000 Pennsylvania workers were trained through Industry Partnership grants and over 107,000 skilled trainings were completed.

8. Phased out unfair Capital Stock and Foreign Franchise tax

In early 2016, Pennsylvania finally completed the phase-out of our unfair, double taxation of businesses.

9. Launched It’s On Us PA to combat campus sexual assault

Governor Wolf announced the launch of It’s On Us PA – the first statewide campaign to address the crisis of sexual assault in schools and on college campuses. Over 200 schools have taken the It’s On Us PA pledge and 36 schools were awarded grants to address campus sexual assault.

10. Placed over 2,500 homeless veterans in housing

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs helped find housing for nearly 2,500 homeless veterans.

This year, Governor Wolf also increased pay for National Guard on state active duty and exempted Active Duty Military pay from earned income taxes.

11. Passed bipartisan reforms to protect Pennsylvanians and promote fairness

Governor Wolf passed bipartisan reforms to protect Pennsylvanians and promote fairness by enabling non-violent offenders to have their records sealed to increase employment opportunities, finalizing new regulations on gas drillers to protect water and land, expanding protections for domestic violence victims, and helping prevent drunk driving with stronger penalties.




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