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Governor Shapiro is working to protect the Commonwealth’s rich environment and ensure Pennsylvanians’ Constitutional right to clean air, pure water, and the preservation of the environment.  

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With the support of the Shapiro Administration, Pennsylvania was the only state to secure two regional clean hydrogen hub projects, which would create more than 41,000 good-paying jobs and build a clean energy industry. 
Made a historic agreement with CNX Resources to publicly disclose all chemicals used in drilling and hydraulic fracturing, conduct intensive air and water quality monitoring around unconventional gas wells and widen setbacks for wells near schools and hospitals to no less than 2,500 feet. 
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Instructed the Department of Environmental Protection to pursue formal rulemaking and policy changes to impose new requirements for the disclosure of chemicals used in drilling, improve the control of methane emissions, and strengthen pipeline corrosion protections.  
An infographic that reads Safeguarding Pennsylvania's environment through plugging abandoned wells. Plugged or started plugging over 220 abandoned or orphaned wells in the Commonwealth with $25 million in federal funds. 220 wells equals the reduction of about 133 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
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Invested a cumulative $505.4 million in clean water infrastructure through PENNVEST, including replacing lead pipes in thousands of homes and upgrading wastewater treatment centers. 

Awarded over $1 million through the Department of Environmental Protection to 73 projects helping communities become more climate change resilient and reduce pollution. 
Awarded $7.8 million for 16 environmental restoration projects on abandoned mine lands through federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  
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The Shapiro Administration invested in Pennsylvania’s public lands: 

Signed a FY2023-24 budget that provided a historic $112 million for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to maintain and improve state park and forest infrastructure.  

Signed a FY2023-24 budget that provided $2.8 million to expand access to outdoor recreation and improve management and safety on public lands, including a new Office of Outdoor Recreation in order to better promote an industry that accounts for 164,000 jobs and $17 billion annually in the economy in the Commonwealth. 

Supported establishing a national marine sanctuary in Lake Erie, which would protect the natural and historic resources in a 740-square-mile area. 

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“The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation [PPFF] applauds Governor Josh Shapiro and the Pennsylvania General Assembly for recognizing the important role that state parks and forests play in Pennsylvania. …We are grateful to see Governor Shapiro delivering for Pennsylvanians with these substantive investments in public lands.”

Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation President Marci Mowery 

The Shapiro Administration held polluters accountable for excessive air and water contamination: 

The Department of Environmental Protection secured a $10 million agreement with Shell Chemicals for excessive air contamination, with $6.2 million earmarked for Western Pennsylvania’s environmental, health, and quality of life projects. 

The Shapiro Administration reached a $100 million settlement with Monsanto for contaminating 1,300 miles of streams and 3,600 acres of lakes with hazardous PCB waste – and $8 million will be spent in communities directly impacted by the spread of PCBs.