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Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry supports one in 10 jobs in the Commonwealth, and Governor Shapiro has taken concrete steps to support and bolster our farmers. 

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Invested over $10 million in state funds via the Department of Agriculture to protect over 5,000 acres on 54 farms from future development and to preserve for agriculture production.  

“What is good for rural Pennsylvania is good for urban Pennsylvania. Financing farms, providing access to capital resources, and investing in broadband infrastructure to connect communities are all proposed in this budget and are vital to our Commonwealth’s competitiveness.”

Kevin Schreiber, York County Executive Alliance President
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Expanded the Farm Vitality Planning Grants’ funding by $200,000 through the Department of Agriculture to help Pennsylvania farms strategically plan to expand, diversify, or transition ownership.  

Worked with Pennsylvania farmers to mitigate the impact of the avian flu outbreaks, allocated $1.3 million from the Department of Agriculture to farmers impacted by the virus, and proposed doubling the recovery fund for farmers impacted by the virus in his first budget.  

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What else has Governor Shapiro proposed?

  • Fully funding the Pennsylvania Farm Bill for the fifth year to support the Commonwealth’s agriculture industry remove barriers, grow their businesses, and innovate.  
  • $200,000 investment for farmers’ mental health services, including a mental health hotline, specialized trainings, and outreach.  
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