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Governor Shapiro knows Pennsylvanians travel on our roads, bridges, and public transit systems every day to go to work, see friends and family, and explore the Commonwealth. The Governor is focused on fixing our essential infrastructure and supporting good-paying jobs.

An infographic reads "In the first six months in the Shapiro administration we've: fixed more than 1,168 miles of Pennsylvania roads, repaired 74 bridges, and put out more than 403 bridge repair projects to bid by PennDOT."

Governor Shapiro led a coordinated state, local, and federal response to reopen I-95 safely and just 12 days after it collapsed.  

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Awarded an initial $33.8 million to 54 projects to expand access to, and the reliability of, electric vehicle charging within Pennsylvania through the federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program.  

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Signed an executive order creating the Commonwealth Workforce Transformation Program, a first in the nation workforce training program that invests as much as $400 million to create 10,000 new jobs so those building Pennsylvania’s infrastructure have the skilled workforce they need. 
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PennDOT awarded $10 million to eight Pennsylvania public use airports for facility improvements, infrastructure preservation, and development. 
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Awarded over $56.1 million in transportation grants from the Department of Economic Development to encourage safe and reliable transportation systems and over $35.5 million from PennDOT to increase safety and mobility across the Commonwealth.  

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Awarded $1.5 million from the Department of Environmental Protection to help municipalities, schools, and businesses replace older vehicles with clean transportation and improve air quality.  

Secured his promise to free up an estimated $125 million annually for Pennsylvania’s roads, bridges, and infrastructure needs from the Motor License Fund in the final FY2023-24 budget. 

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The Administration announced its plan to expand broadband access the Commonwealth using $1.16 billion in funding through the federal Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program.