Governor’s Advisory Commission on Next Generation Engagement

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A logo of the commission on next generation engagement. The logo is made up of three keystones that look like they are moving with an arrow in the middle.

The purpose of the Commission is to gather information regarding Next Generation Pennsylvanians’ experiences and needs; review, evaluate, and assess programs affecting them; provide the Governor with information and recommendations regarding how best to meet their needs; and provide information about programs and services that may be relevant to Next Generation Pennsylvanians’ needs. The Commission and its Executive Director also serve as an extension of the Governor’s office in their respective communities and are responsible for communicating the priorities and accomplishments of the Governor and his Administration. This effort seeks to spread awareness and increase access to programs and services provided by the Commonwealth that benefit every-day Pennsylvanians. 

Connect with the Commission on Next Generation Engagement

Executive Director of the Commission

Ruby Mundok

Ruby Mundok (she/her) serves as the Executive Director of Governor Shapiro’s Advisory Commission on Next Generation Engagement. After volunteering as a chapter lead with Students for Shapiro during the 2022 election, she understands the importance of youth engagement in government first-hand. Prior to this role, Ruby served on Governor Shapiro’s Inaugural Committee and was an intern in the Digital Strategy Office of the Governor. In addition to her work within the Shapiro Administration, she is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts Production with a minor in Political and Governmental Affairs at Millersville University.