Press Releases

S&P Improves Pennsylvania’s Rating Outlook to ‘Positive,’ Affirms A+ Long-Term Rating Thanks to Strong Budgetary Management in Second ‘Positive’ Rating Outlook for the Commonwealth in September

S&P credits the Shapiro Administration’s budgetary management policies for the improved rating outlook, signaling potential rating upgrade in the future Harrisburg, PA – Today, S&P Global Ratings improved Pennsylvania’s outlook to ‘positive’ from stable and affirmed its A+ long-term rating on the Commonwealth’s general obligation bonds in the second affirmation of the Commonwealth’s strong economy […]

Editorial Roundup: Pennsylvania Editorial Boards Laud the Shapiro Administration’s Implementation of Automatic Voter Registration as “Good Governance”

‘Shapiro is right when he says our democracy is stronger when more voters participate; any effort to get more of them to the polls should be applauded.’ ‘We applaud the Shapiro Administration for making it easier for more Pennsylvanians to exercise that right.’ Harrisburg, PA – This week, Governor Josh Shapiro implemented automatic voter registration […]

WATCH: How Automatic Voter Registration Makes Pennsylvania’s Elections More Secure

Click the images above to watch videos of Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt and Secretary of Transportation Mike Carroll explain how automatic voter registration improves election security.   Harrisburg, PA – On Tuesday, Governor Josh Shapiro implemented automatic voter registration (AVR) in Pennsylvania to promote election security and safety, save taxpayers money, and streamline the […]

Governor Josh Shapiro Signs Executive Order on Commonwealth Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence, Taking Proactive Step to Harness New Technology While Empowering State Workforce

The Executive Order will allow Commonwealth agencies to use innovative artificial intelligence technology ethically and responsibly to better serve residents, businesses, and industry while engaging with Pennsylvania’s leading AI sector Governor Shapiro believes there is no wrong door to engage with state government – and artificial intelligence has the power to help employees serve more […]

What People Are Saying About Governor Shapiro Implementing Automatic Voter Registration in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA – This morning, Governor Josh Shapiro implemented automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania, building on his unwavering commitment to defending and advancing real freedom in Pennsylvania – including the freedom to make your voice heard and have your vote counted. By taking this commonsense step, Governor Shapiro and his Administration are promoting election security, […]