Wolf Administration Investing $25.1 Million in Projects to Protect and Improve Pennsylvania Water Resources

May 18, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced today the selection of 114 projects to receive $25,143,294 in funding from Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), for the protection of Pennsylvania’s water resources. The selected projects enhance watersheds, mitigate acid mine drainage, and support water pollution cleanup programs.

“The Growing Greener program, and this year’s funding, is an investment in our future and proof that when state government works collaboratively, we achieve long-lasting results,” said Governor Wolf. “The Environmental Stewardship Fund has helped spark innovation and coordinate partnerships to tackle some of the most challenging environmental issues in our state.”

The 114 selected projects range from a wetland basin restoration in Chester County to sustainable outreach programs in Erie County. Projects focus on both statewide initiatives, like improving the health of the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay, and local projects, such as riparian buffer enhancement and erosion prevention in Four Mile Run, Westmoreland County. Every project supports DEP’s mission of protecting Pennsylvania’s waters.

“DEP is proud to support local and regional water quality projects throughout the state,” said Secretary John Quigley. “These investments are essential to protecting and conserving the rivers, streams, and watersheds of Pennsylvania.”

The grant awards are made possible by the Growing Greener Grant Program, the largest single investment of state funds that address Pennsylvania’s environmental concerns. Growing Greener encourages partnerships between counties, municipalities, county conservation districts, watershed organizations, and other organizations to restore and protect the environment.

The Growing Greener program is supported by the Environmental Stewardship Fund, which receives its funding from landfill tipping fees. Twelve projects this year received their funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 319 Nonpoint Source Grant Program, created by the Clean Water Act to reduce water pollution. Four projects received funding from the Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Set Aside Program, funded by the Surface Mining Conservation and Reclamation Act and designed to abate AMD pollution. Of the 208 grant applications received for consideration this year, more than half of the proposed projects were awarded grant funding.

For more information on the Growing Greener Grant Program, click here or email GrowingGreener@pa.gov.

The organizations that were awarded are listed below, by grant type and alphabetically by county, with the project name and funding amount.


• Adams County Conservation District, Beaverdam Creek Stream Bank Stabilization: $16,878

• Allegheny County Conservation District, Montour Run Watershed Assessment and Implementation Plan: $94,065
• Allegheny County Parks Foundation, South Park Green Parking Solution: $77,130
• Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens, Kentucky Hollow AMD Treatment System: $369,007

• Armstrong Conservation District, Garretts Run BMP Grant: $245,000

• Allegheny County Conservation District, Raccoon Creek Streambank Remediation: $54,395
• Beaver County Conservation District, North Fork Little Beaver Stabilization / Habitat Project II: $25,667
• Stream Restoration Incorporated, Raccoon Creek Bank & Buffer Project: $99,785

• Berks County Conservation District, Establishing a Berks County Mushroom Environmental Initiative: $111,350
• The Trust for Tomorrow, The Maiden Creek Tributary Stream Restoration Project: $116,000

• Blair County Conservation District, Blair County – Priority Streambank Restoration Projects: $82,000

• Wysox Creek Watershed Association, Inc., Comprehensive Watershed Conservation in Parks and Bullard Creeks: $758,452

• Heritage Conservancy, Hart’s Woods Preserve Riparian Buffer Restoration: $17,048
• Lower Southampton Township, Brookside and Pennsylvania Boulevard Basin Naturalization Projects: $103,777
• Township of Bensalem, Cornwells Basin and Constructed Wetland: $173,170

• Butler County Conservation District, Little Buffalo AG BMP Grant: $220,500

• Cambria County Conservation District, Emeigh Run Streambank Stabilization Project: $4,505
• Stream Restoration Incorporated, Puritan AMD Full Treatment: $538,944

• Penns Valley Conservation Association, Upper Penns Creek Watershed Stream Restoration: $172,600

• Chester County Conservation District, Restoration of an Unnamed Headwater Tributary to Leech Run: $105,500
• Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Installation of Infiltration Trench on Dayleview Road: $150,000
• West Goshen Township, Extended Detention Wetland Basin Retrofit-Restoration & Demonstration: $296,400

• Trout Unlimited, Inc., MR Tuff/MR Frog Rehabilitation & Improvement Project: $91,385
• Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Knisley Land Restoration-AMD Reduction: $211,778

• Borough of Cochranton, Cochranton Borough Stormwater BMP and Demonstration: $22,840
• Crawford County Conservation District, Response to Hydrilla Infestation in Pymatuning Reservoir: $191,833

• Pennsylvania Resources Council, Inc., Darby-Cobbs Stormwater Initiative: $89,883
• Rose Valley Borough, Ridley Creek Stabilization and Restoration: $39,046

• Environment Erie, Service Learning Projects : $31,050
• Environment Erie, BeginANEW Stormwater Education and Management: $48,285
• Erie County Conservation District, VinNES Sustainable Outreach and BMP Program: $364,610

• Fayette County Conservation District, Stony Fork Ag BMPs Project: $13,373
• Fayette County Conservation District, Meadow Run Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant: $27,864
• Trout Unlimited, Chestnut Ridge Chapter, Glade Run Alkaline Sand Addition Project: $64,115

• Franklin County Conservation District, Agriculture Planning in UNT Muddy Run: $50,323

• Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, SGL 223: Whiteley Creek Riparian Planting: $27,800

• Huntingdon County Conservation District, Warriors Mark Run Agricultural BMPs (Cox and Conrad Farms): $237,205
• Huntingdon County Conservation District, Little Juniata River Agricultural BMPs (Ormsby Farm): $225,352
• Huntingdon County Conservation District, Saddler Creek Agricultural BMPs (Metz Farm): $133,403
• The Trust for Tomorrow, The Brown Farm at Sadler Creek Stream Restoration Project: $33,000

• Stream Restoration Incorporated, Neal Run Restoration Project – Phase II: $100,000

• Headwaters Charitable Trust, Howe Creek Coalition of Clarion and Jefferson: $95,587
• Headwaters Charitable Trust, Filson 1/2 & Glenn 17 Passive Treatment Systems-Operation, Maintenance & Replacement: $258,217

• Congregation of the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, IHM Center Meadow Brook Watershed Protection Project: $262,158

• City of Lancaster, Intermunicipal Watershed Action Plan: $40,000
• Lancaster Farmland Trust, Pequea Creek Watershed Agricultural BMP’s: $482,592
• Octoraro Watershed Association, Bells Run Conservation Plan and BMP Assistance: $64,500

• Lawrence County Conservation District, Slippery Rock Watershed Agricultural Restoration: $810,283

• Lebanon Valley Conservancy Inc., Quittapahilla Creek EPA 319 Watershed Implementation Plan: $26,250

• City of Allentown, Livingston Watershed Green Stormwater Infrastructure: $300,000

• Butler Township, The Wash Sediment Abatement Project: $170,000
• Earth Conservancy, Bliss Bank Reclamation Phase II: $734,600
• Luzerne Conservation District, Luzerne County 2015 Ag and Stream Protection Projects: $504,542

• Lycoming County Conservation District, Agricultural Stormwater BMPs: $150,000

• McKean County Conservation District, Upper Allegheny Ag BMP’s Project: $278,986

• Paradise Township, Paradise Creek Restoration Project: $693,596

• Abington Township, Sandy Run TMDL Projects: $186,000
• Lower Gwynedd Township, Lower Gwynedd Basins and Dam Naturalization: $60,850
• Upper Gwynedd Township, Wissahickon Headwaters Green Stormwater Infrastructure: $305,000
• Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, Wissahickon Headwaters Stream and Riparian Restoration Project: $369,600

• Montour County Conservation District, Mahoning Creek Restoration Project: $611,037
• Montour County Conservation District, Sitler Roof and Manure Storage Project: $139,165

• Wildlands Conservancy, Inc., Oughoughton Creek Watershed Restoration Project: $106,000

• Northumberland County Conservation District, Chillisquaque Creek Streambank Stabilization Project: $20,055
• Point Township: Kapp Heights Stormwater Management Project – Phase 1: $611,703

• Philadelphia City Treasurer, City of Philadelphia Water Department, Germantown Green Bowls on Park Sites: $300,000

• Mahanoy Creek Watershed Association, Packer 5 AMD Treatment Design: $85,581
• Schuylkill Conservation District, Good Spring Creek Floodplain Restoration Phase 1: $459,445
• Schuylkill Conservation District, Mill Creek AMD Watershed Restoration Plan Development: $64,857
• Schuylkill Conservation District, Delaware Watershed Agricultural Planning Initiative: $30,000
• Schuylkill Conservation District, Animal Heavy Use Area Protection Project: $321,817

• Snyder County Conservation District, Snook Barnyard Improvement Project: $275,000

• Mill Cove Incorporated, Mill Cove Streambank Stabilization Project: $93,000

• Union County Conservation District, Buffalo Creek Stream Corridor and Wetland Improvement Project: $33,500

• Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Brokenstraw Creek Watershed Improvement Project: $95,770

• Washington County Conservation District, Raccoon Creek Watershed Agricultural BMPs: $81,608
• Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Blaine Township Park Restoration: $113,200

• Loyalhanna Watershed Association, Inc., Fourmile Run Restoration Project: $328,000
• Westmoreland County Conservation District, Turtle Creek Ag BMPs – Steel’s Run: $22,965
• Westmoreland County Conservation District, First Presbyterian Church of Murrysville, Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company: $102,893
• Westmoreland County Conservation District, Beaver Run AG BMPs #2 – Rebitch Farm: $15,655
• Westmoreland County Conservation District, Sloan Elementary School: $129,085

• Mehoopany Creek Watershed Association, Inc., Rogers Hollow Stream Restoration – Phase 1 Construction: $397,998

Multiple Counties
• Bucktail Watershed Association, Defending Native Plants in the First Fork: $24,130
• Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy, Stream Restoration and BMP Implementation: $354,972
• Northwest Pennsylvania Eminent Community Institute, Management & Continuation of the Northwest PA Greenways Implementation Block Grants: $400,000
• Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc., PACD Engineering Technical Assistance Program: $1,528,516
• Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, TreeVitalize XII: $250,000
• Pennsylvania State University, PaOneStop Manure Management & Nutrient Balance Modules: $168,208
• Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation & Development Council, C-SAW-Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (1X): $820,000
• Stream Restoration Incorporated, Datashed 3: $105,718
• Stream Restoration Incorporated: Passive Treatment O&M Technical Assistance 3: $180,000
• Stroud Water Research Center, Inc., Delivering the Berks-Chester RCPP: $249,922
• Trout Unlimited, Inc., West Branch Susquehanna Recovery Benchmark II: $128,515
• Trout Unlimited, Inc., AMD Technical Assistance Program: $225,000
• Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Community Riparian Restoration Education Project: $57,635
• Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek Riparian Restoration: $65,458
• Wildlands Conservancy, Inc., Black Creek Watershed AMD Restoration Plan: $70,191

TOTAL: $20,694,678


• Pine Creek Land Conservation Trust, Crouse Run Stream Restoration: $13,800

• Broad Top Township, Sandy Run SA0-D10 AMD Remediation: $400,000

• Berks County Conservation District, Surface Water Assessment in the Maiden & Sacony Creek Watersheds: $60,080

• Clearfield County Conservation District, Deer Creek AMD Treatment Construction: $883,174

• Cumberland County Conservation District, Middle Spring Creek WIP Implementation Phase II: $62,912

• Villanova University: VUSP – PaDEP – Stormwater Best Management Practice National Monitoring Site: $323,366

• Indiana County Conservation District, WIP SW Region Ag Initiative: $285,092

• West Lampeter Township, Groff Property Floodplain Restoration: $198,950

• Mifflin County Conservation District, Upper Kishacoquillas Creek and Hungry Run Surface Water Assessment: $72,692

• Schuylkill Headwaters Association, Inc., Reevesdale #2 AMD Restoration Project Phase 2 – Optimization: $485,722

• Jacobs Creek Watershed Association, Mt. Pleasant Plaza Storm Water Retrofit (Green Infrastructure): $233,299
• Jacobs Creek Watershed Association, Mt. Pleasant Shop N Save: $235,926

TOTAL: $3,255,013


• Headwaters Charitable Trust, Kyler Hollow AMD Passive Treatment System – ALD 1 & ALD 2 Rehabilitation: $618,118
• Headwaters Charitable Trust, Hayes Run & Backside Hayes AMD Passive Treatment Systems – Modifications/Improvements: $384,918

• Mountain Watershed Association, Inc., Rondell-Correal AMD Treatment System: $123,543

• Schuylkill Conservation District, Upper Swatara Creek QHUP AMD Monitoring Project: $67,024

TOTAL: $1,193,603

GRAND TOTAL: $25,143,294
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