Ahead of Presidential Address, Governor Wolf Reminds Washington What’s at Stake for Pennsylvania

February 28, 2017

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf released the following statement in advance of President Donald Trump’s address to Congress tonight:

“Many Pennsylvanians are wondering how decisions in Washington will affect their ability to see a doctor, care for an aging parent and find new economic opportunities. Unfortunately, Washington seems laser-focused on an agenda that leaves too many Pennsylvania seniors, families, and communities behind.

While Pennsylvania is ready to work with the White House and Congress to invest in common goods like infrastructure and transportation, I have serious concerns about looming plans to cut health care for millions of working families, raise prescription drug prices for seniors, and enact a federal budget that may cut important services to pay for defense spending – rather than invest in job training, education, or drug treatment programs.

Most importantly, the proposed nightmare plan to replace the Affordable Care Act will hurt all Pennsylvanians, but especially the millions of working families and seniors who will lose health care, and small and rural hospitals that will be forced lay off workers and shut down. We need to fix the law on the books – not cause chaos for families, seniors, and rural economies to achieve a political victory.

Tonight’s speech is an opportunity for President Trump to stand up for struggling Pennsylvanians, protect our seniors and put more people back to work, as he promised.”

Governor Wolf is in Washington today, following the Winter Meeting of the National Governors Association, to meet with members of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation from both sides of the aisle, including both United States Senators.

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