Announcing the 2017-2018 Budget Address

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

February 03, 2017

This information is no longer up to date. Please view our Newsroom for the latest news from Governor Wolf’s Office.


Today we’re announcing the date and time of the governor’s biggest policy speech of the year — the annual Budget Address.

On Tuesday, February 7th at 11:30 AM, Governor Tom Wolf will deliver his Budget Address to a joint session of the General Assembly at the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

Here are all the ways you can follow the speech on Tuesday:

In addition to updating Pennsylvanians on the state of the Commonwealth, the governor’s address will lay out his budget plan for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Governor Wolf has taken a different approach for Pennsylvania by prioritizing important responsibilities like protecting our seniors, making sure children receive the education they deserve, working with law enforcement and medical professionals to battle the opioid and heroin epidemic, and rebuilding Pennsylvania’s middle class by putting more people to work.

While significant progress has been made to address the financial challenges the commonwealth faces, there is still more work to do. In order to protect investments in our schools, improve services for seniors, and fight the opioid epidemic, Governor Wolf has taken a different approach to this year’s budget. That’s why he has worked to find savings – like centralizing shared services like human resources and information technology, selling property the state owns but doesn’t use, or consolidating pension funds to save millions that used to flow into the pockets of Wall Street financial managers.

Governor Wolf has taken a different approach to this year’s budget — so make sure you tune in on Tuesday at 11:30 AM to find out how.




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