Anthracite Coal Region Communities Urge Passage of Gov. Wolf’s Restore Pennsylvania Infrastructure Plan

May 02, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – Community leaders throughout Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region are urging the General Assembly to support Gov. Tom Wolf’s aggressive infrastructure plan, Restore Pennsylvania.

“Many of municipalities that comprise Northeast Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region are facing a backlog of infrastructure projects that have been accumulating since the mining industry began to decline,” said Gov. Wolf. “By using Restore Pennsylvania to tackle critical infrastructure issues like blight, flooding and brownfields, we can help communities turn the corner and position them for economic success.”

Supporters of Restore Pennsylvania include the Wilkes-Barre city council and mayor; Scranton city council and mayor; and Carbondale city council and mayor. Leaders of these communities say Restore Pennsylvania will play a critical role in improving not only the economy, but the daily lives of residents.

“Pennsylvania’s aging infrastructure hurts our state’s competitiveness, risks public safety, and impacts our citizens’ quality of life,” Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tony George said in a letter to the General Assembly. “The time is right for Pennsylvania to position itself as a leader in the 21st century by investing in critical infrastructure needs that for too long have been neglected.”

“On behalf of the City of Carbondale and the entire Upper Valley region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, I commend Governor Wolf on his “Restore PA” proposal,” said Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor after city council voted to pass a resolution supporting Restore Pennsylvania. “The governor ‘gets it’ when it comes to cities and municipalities needing assistance to revitalize neighborhoods and downtowns. And to make such a comprehensive proposal using potential revenue from natural gas drilling — not taxes collected directly from the citizens of the Commonwealth — this should become a model for all regions and states.”

“Stormwater management, flood control, blighted neighborhoods and overall infrastructure investment top the list of challenges we must begin to address to position the City of Scranton to be competitive and successful in the 21st century,” Scranton City Councilmembers Bill Gaughan and Kyle Donahue said in a joint statement regarding city council’s approval of a resolution supporting Restore Pennsylvania. “We can’t face those challenges alone. We are proud to stand with Governor Wolf in support of his vision outlined in Restore Pennsylvania to finally begin to address the urgent need for infrastructure investments across Pennsylvania.”

Restore Pennsylvania is a statewide plan to aggressively address the commonwealth’s vital infrastructure needs. Funded through a commonsense severance tax that the Independent Fiscal Office has determined will be primarily paid for by out-of-state residents, Restore Pennsylvania is the only plan that will help make Pennsylvania a leader in the 21st century.

View the full Restore Pennsylvania plan.

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