BLOG: Governor’s Goals BETA: Announcing Governor Wolf’s Next Step in Transparent Government

By: Sarah Galbally, Deputy Secretary of Policy and Planning

February 17, 2016

Since day one of his administration, Governor Wolf has made a transparent government that works in Pennsylvania one of his top priorities.

And today, Governor Wolf is inviting the public to preview a new initiative to make government more transparent: Governor’s Goals. A new website from the Wolf Administration, Governor’s Goals introduces measurable goals to align to Governor Tom Wolf’s three key priorities — Jobs that Pay, Schools that Teach, and Government that Works.

Governor's Goals homepage


This beta launch of the website is the first phase in the implementation of Governor’s Goals. Future iterations of the site will track the progress of these administrative goals and make the data used to measure the goals available to the public.

The site introduces a three-level hierarchy: priorities, top-line measures, and agency indicators. Each key priority — Jobs that Pay, Schools that Teach, and Government that Works — has corresponding “top-line” measures, which in turn have corresponding agency indicator measures.

goals 3

The Wolf Administration is currently compiling data from Pennsylvania government agencies, which will be verified by the Governor’s Budget Office prior to being released. The administration is aiming to upload the first full year of data within the next 12 months, as well as roll out web features that make the data more dynamic.

In this iteration of the site, each measure has a goal set for 2020. Progress toward this 2020 goal will be tracked and marked as “On Track,” “Near Goal,” and “More Work to Do.” As data are updated, agencies will be able to monitor goal progress and focus attention and resources as available on goals that are not being met.

The measurement of goals, with an increased emphasis on progress tracking, is the next step toward making Pennsylvania government more accountable to citizens.

Visit the beta version of Governor’s Goals now to see all the 2020 goals, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out first about new updates.

Governor’s Goals is the newest transparency initiative of several good government reforms Governor Wolf has introduced to make Pennsylvania government more accountable and transparent. On his inauguration day, Governor Wolf issued an Executive Order banning his administration from accepting gifts and then successfully urged several independent state commissions, authorities, and other agencies to follow suit. Governor Wolf also began the practice of posting his calendar and expenses incurred by members of his cabinet online for public view. Read more about Governor Wolf’s transparency initiatives.



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