BLOG: Catch up on Governor Wolf’s Budget Message with This 47-second Animated Explainer

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

February 09, 2016

Governor Tom Wolf just wrapped up his 2016-2017 Budget Address, but you can catch up on his message to Pennsylvanians in just 47 seconds with this animated explainer video:

The gist is this: Pennsylvania is in crisis — a crisis that threatens our future — and there are two paths we can take.

Choice 1: Take the path to a brighter future
  • Invest in education
  • Eliminate the deficit
  • Meet critical human service needs
  • Put Pennsylvania back on track
Choice 2: Remain on the status quo path
  • Higher property taxes
  • Massive education cuts
  • Reduced services for seniors
  • Fiscal disaster

So, Pennsylvania legislators have a choice. They can choose the brighter future path with schools that teach, jobs that pay, and government that works. Or, they can choose the failed status quo and let Pennsylvania fall off a financial cliff.

Despite the overwhelming challenges we now face, Governor Wolf still believes in Pennsylvania and our potential. His 2016-2017 budget message is clear: It is time to fund our schools. It is time to face financial reality. It is time to give Pennsylvania the bright future it deserves.



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