BLOG: Detrimental Consequences of the House Republican Stopgap

By: Jeffrey Sheridan, Press Secretary

December 22, 2015

The letter below was sent from Governor Wolf to lawmakers a short time ago outlining the detrimental consequences the House Republican stopgap budget will have on Pennsylvania.

As you know, yesterday, Governor Wolf announced he would veto the House Republican stopgap budget if it reached his desk. He urged everyone to get back to work to pass a full year budget now that invests in education, is balanced and begins to fix the deficit.

A stopgap budget does not change the status quo that Harrisburg has accepted for too long. It does not restore funding to our schools, and it does not begin to fix our deficit.

Here are some of the consequences of the House Republican stopgap budget:

  • The furlough of 8,000 commonwealth employees with the biggest impact on Corrections and Probation and Parole and the State Police.
  • $455 million cut to our schools, compared to the previous year. This will lead to further program cuts and layoffs.
    $47.5 million cut to county human service programs
  • $100 million cut to Home and Community Services, denying over 2,150 individuals with disabilities and autism the opportunity to remain in their homes.
  • $8 million cut to vocational rehabilitation, which will lead to the forfeiture of $30 million in federal funding.

Letter From the Governor RE: Stopgap by Governor Tom Wolf



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