BLOG: Governor Wolf Announces His Government Reform Plan (ROUND-UP)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

March 18, 2016

Yesterday, Governor Wolf spoke at Carnegie Mellon University to outline his government reform plan. The reform plan calls for a statewide gift ban, contracting reform, increased lobbying oversight, and greater transparency.

Since taking office, Governor Wolf has taken significant steps forward in making government more open and transparent. In Harrisburg, special interests still wield too much power and influence, which is one of the reasons why it’s broken. Taking on the special interests and status quo starts with passing a ban on gifts for all public officials, contracting reform, increasing lobbying oversight, and increasing transparency across all of government.

Last year, Governor Wolf took several actions to reform government in Pennsylvania and restore public trust in their government. He signed executive orders banning gifts and reforming legal contracting. He implemented policies of posting his calendar and expenses – along with the expenses of his cabinet secretaries – online. Now, Governor Wolf is calling for a number of reforms that would increase transparency and accountability across all of state government.

Take a look at the coverage below:

Associated Press: Wolf’s reform plan targets campaign cash, gifts to lawmakers

“Gov. Tom Wolf is going to ask Pennsylvania lawmakers to put new limits on the size of individual campaign contributions and to be more transparent about income they receive from outside employment.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Wolf Calls on legislators to enact reform measures

“’We need to make our system work better. We need some reform,’ [Wolf] said.” Wolf calls for new good-government changes

“‘Pennsylvanians need to have confidence in the decisions made by their government – that those decisions are the product of a robust competition of ideas – not rewards to special interests with the deepest pockets,’ the governor said.”

PA Homepage: Governor Wolf Presents “Government that Works” Reform Plan

“Governor Tom Wolf has outlined his ‘Government that Works’ Reform plan. The plan is part of his effort to reform government in the Commonwealth and restore public trust. It calls for the banning of gifts, contracting reform, increasing lobby oversight and increasing transparency.”


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