BLOG: Governor Wolf Announces the Launch of “It’s On Us PA” Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative (ROUND-UP)

By: Andrea Mead, Chief of Staff to the First Lady

February 01, 2016

Last Friday, Governor Wolf announced the launch of “It’s On Us PA” – the first statewide campaign to address the crisis of sexual assault in schools and on college campuses. Building on the national “It’s On Us” movement launched by President Obama and Vice President Biden in 2014, “It’s On Us PA” will engage education leaders from school superintendents to college presidents as well as students, teachers, families, and communities to make a personal and public pledge to play a role in preventing, addressing, and responding effectively to sexual violence.


Check out some of the coverage:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Governor kicks off Pennsylvania’s campaign to end campus, school sex crime

“Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday announced the start of a statewide campaign against campus sexual assault modeled on an initiative of President Barack Obama. The campaign will work to increase awareness and prevention efforts and to remove barriers to reporting assaults, Mr. Wolf told an audience at Elizabethtown College, southeast of Harrisburg. ‘We are the first state to respond to President Obama’s call for a real crusade, a real campaign, against sexual assault,’ Mr. Wolf said. Mr. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden announced the initiative, called ‘It’s On Us,’ which asks everyone to help stop sexual assault, in September 2014.”

Lancaster Online: Gov. Wolf launches ‘It’s On Us PA’ campaign against sexual violence

“Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday signed Pennsylvania onto a White House campaign against sexual violence, making it the first state to join the national effort. “I’m determined to make Pennsylvania a shining example,” Wolf said Friday at Elizabethtown College, announcing the launch of ‘It’s On Us PA.’ The national ‘It’s On Us’ initiative enlists colleges, universities, school districts and communities in a broad-based fight against sexual violence of all kinds.”

AP: Pennsylvania starts campaign to end campus, school sex crime

“Gov. Tom Wolf is helping kick off Pennsylvania’s new campaign to prevent sexual assaults in high schools and on college campuses. Wolf introduced the campaign at Elizabethtown College on Friday. His administration plans to develop policy recommendations and resources for high schools and colleges. An estimated 1 in 5 college women experience an attack. In 2014, President Barack Obama unveiled the ‘It’s On Us’ campaign to encourage everyone to make stopping sexual assault a personal responsibility.”

Fox43: “It’s On Us PA” campaign launched by Governor Wolf

President Barack Obama launched the “It’s On Us” campaign in 2014. It is to promote awareness, education, and bystander intervention to end sexual assault on campus. Pennsylvania is the first state to launch a statewide “It’s On Us” campaign, according to Governor Tom Wolf. Governor Wolf and the “It’s On Us” partners are inviting schools, law enforcement, victim services organizations, and other community members to step up to make a difference. ‘Safety is a fundamental Civil Right,’ Governor Wolf said. ‘When a violation like that occurs for any member of the community it occurs for all of us.’”

ABC27: Pennsylvania taking strides to end sexual assaults on campuses

“Calling the problem a crisis, Governor Tom Wolf announced Friday that Pennsylvania is taking strides to prevent sexual assaults on college and high school campuses. ‘It’s a fundamental civil right to live in a safe secure environment,’ he said. ‘We need to make sure we’re doing that.’

WBRE/WYOU: “It’s On Us PA” Campus Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative

“”It’s on Us PA” is a new initiative against sexual violence. On Friday, Governor Wolf announced the launch the statewide campaign to address the crisis of sexual assault in schools and on college campuses ‘It’s on Us PA’ encourages education leaders, students, teachers and communities to take a pledge to prevent, address, and respond effectively to sexual violence.”

Fox29: Governor Wolf unveils new campaign to end sexual assault in PA

“Wolf and his administration plan to ‘work with community leaders and stakeholders from across the commonwealth to develop state-level policy recommendations to address the pressing issue of sexual assault in our schools and postsecondary institutions.’ Additionally, Wolf will partner with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, who  ‘will develop and share new resources, including webinars, data, and digital toolkits for secondary and postsecondary institutions that help inform policy, research, and practice’”


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