BLOG: Governor Wolf Signs Two Anti-discrimination Executive Orders; Urges Legislature to Pass Statewide Anti-discrimination Bill (ROUND-UP)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

April 08, 2016

Yesterday afternoon Governor Wolf signed two anti-discrimination executive orders. The orders expand protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender expression or identity for commonwealth employees and employees of businesses who are contracted by the commonwealth.  These executive orders come as the Pennsylvania Fairness Act, which would apply these protections to all Pennsylvania workers, remains stalled in the General Assembly.

“We must show that Pennsylvania is the place that William Penn envisioned when he founded our commonwealth on the principle that it is open, diverse, and inclusive for all people,” said Governor Wolf.  “I call on the General Assembly to swiftly put legislation on my desk that ensures that people throughout the commonwealth – regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression or identity – are treated equally under Pennsylvania law.”

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Pennlive: Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive orders on LGBT fairness is about policy goals, but public relations too

For a larger corporate and social media world, Wolf was channeling his inner William Penn, and advertising Pennsylvania as a welcoming state where tolerance for everyone is the order of the day. Wolf signs orders expanding LGBT rights

“Pennsylvania needs to go on record to proclaim that all people . . . are treated equally under the law,” [Governor Wolf] said.

FOX 43: Gov. Wolf signs non-discrimination executive orders

“This is not the end of the game,” [Governor Wolf]  said. “I am urging the legislature to pass a non-discrimination bill that makes it clear to the world that Pennsylvania is a welcoming place for everyone.”

PLS Reporter: Gov. Wolf hopes executive order is catalyst for non-discrimination legislation

“This…is an effort to explicitly and decisively end discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender expression and identity in the executive branch in state government,” said Gov. Wolf.

Post-Gazette: Wolf’s executive orders expand protections against discrimination for state workers, contact employees

Repeating a call from his first days in office, Wolf asked the General Assembly to send him legislation that would add protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to existing bans on discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation.

Morning Call: Wolf signs non-discrimination executive orders

With an anti-discrimination bill held up in the Legislature, Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday signed two executive orders that would protect some public employees and some government contractors from bigotry based on “sexual orientation, gender expression or identity.”

Associated Press: Wolf: Contracts must have no LGBT discrimination

“If we want a healthy economy, if we want a strong democracy, if we want a just society, we have to do this,” Wolf said.

Time: Pennsylvania Governor Bans Anti-Transgender Discrimination

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed two anti-discrimination executive orders related to the rights of transgender people on Thursday, contrasting recent high-profile laws in other states that been criticized for discriminating against the LGBT community.

Penn Live: ‘This is the right thing for us to do’: Gov. Tom Wolf signs LGBT anti-discrimination protections

“This is the right thing for us to do,” Gov. Tom Wolf said as he signed two executive orders on Thursday. “Just as it was the right thing for William Penn to do when he proclaimed that Pennsylvania was a place for everyone, regardless of their religion.”

Politico: Pennsylvania governor expands protections for transgender people

The governor of Pennsylvania signed two executive orders Thursday that expand discrimination protections related to employment, including for transgender people.

ABC 27: Wolf signs LGBT anti-discrimination executive orders

“We need to make statement here in Pennsylvania that we are welcoming, we are open for business for everybody. This is the best I could do,” Wolf said.

New York Magazine: Pennsylvania Governor Issues Orders Banning LGBT Discrimination

“I am taking action to protect those that I can and send a signal to the country that Pennsylvania is open for business no matter who you are or whom you love.” [said Governor Wolf]

WBNG: PA Governor issues anti-discrimination order

Gov. Tom Wolf signed the executive order Thursday. He says he can’t wait any longer for Republican lawmakers to move on legislation that would ban such discrimination in employment, housing and public services.

WNEP: Wolf Extends Protection to Some LGBT People

Governor Wolf signed this executive order in Harrisburg with a smile. The order protects lesbian, gay, and transgender people who work for the state or for businesses that contract with the state.

WGAL: Wolf signs LGBT anti-discrimination executive order

Governor Tom Wolf has signed an executive order to prohibit discrimination by state contractors against people who are lesbian, gay or transgender

Citizens Voice: Wolf to issue executive orders for LGBT anti-discrimination

The governor stressed the importance of having a strong and inclusive workforce to boost Pennsylvania’s economy and noted business support for the anti-discrimination legislation.

Associated Press: York LGBT activists praise Wolf executive order

Wolf says Pennsylvania needs to be seen as a welcoming place, and he cited the backlash against what he called a “discriminatory” bill signed by North Carolina’s governor.


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