BLOG: Governor Wolf Talks “Government That Works” Reform Plan During Northwest PA Tour (ROUND-UP)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

April 20, 2016

Last week, Governor Wolf traveled to northwest PA to discuss his “Government That Works” Reform Plan which calls for the banning of gifts for public officials, increasing government transparency, state contract reform, increased oversight of lobbyist activity, and campaign finance reform.

Governor Wolf's Government Reform Plan

Since taking office, Governor Wolf has taken significant steps towards reforming Pennsylvania state government to combat the influence of special interests in Harrisburg. He has also called for state legislators to do the same and support legislation that encourages government reform. With reforms to increase transparency and accountability, Governor Wolf hopes to restore the trust of Pennsylvanians in their state government.

Take a look at last week’s coverage below:
Indiana Gazette: Wolf crafts plan for transparency

“To restore interest, faith and trust in the system, Wolf is touring the state to push his package of ideas for opening government and holding elected officials more accountable to voters and taxpayers. His five-point ‘Government that Works’ reform plan would put a halt to officials accepting gifts, reform the campaign finance system, and have government workers own up to outside interests while they serve the public.

“Wolf, the first-term Democratic governor from York County, said he began his transparency plan the day he took office, first prohibiting executive branch employees from accepting gifts from anyone who does business with the state or is regulated by the commonwealth. ‘I put my calendar online, and I put the expenses of my cabinet online,’ Wolf said. ‘I did what I thought was necessary to bring some level of trust to the executive branch. I don’t have control over the Legislature, but it was an invitation to join us.’ For Wolf, that was just the start.”

Sharon Herald: Listicle: Wolf seeks to boost public confidence with “Government That Works”

“With the public’s overall trust in government on the decline, Gov. Wolf is advocating a five-point plan, ‘Government That Works,’ to ensure public officials act as “stewards of the grand democratic tradition” to inspire greater confidence from citizens of the commonwealth.”

New Castle News: Governor talks transparency initiative, schools and the budget

“The governor stopped in New Castle Thursday afternoon and visited News offices to introduce his ‘Government that Works’ Reform Plan. The initiative is a five-pronged plan which includes: banning the acceptance of gifts in the Legislature; disclosing sources of outside income in their entirety; requiring the release of names of contract-seeking campaign contributors as well as their amounts; enforcing lobbying disclosure reviews; and enacting strong campaign financing limits.”

Sharon Herald: Wolf touts reform plan to bridge ‘confidence gap’

“Citing polls that show a declining public trust in elected officials, a general belief that politicians are serving special interests and not the public and falling voter turnout rates, Wolf is pushing for a five-prong ‘Government That Works’ reform plan that he hopes would help bridge a ‘confidence gap.’ The initiatives: institute a gift ban for all public officials; require disclosure of amounts of compensation earned by government employees with side jobs and ban paid service on public boards; require the disclosure of campaign contribution by parties seeking contracts; increase the Department of State’s ability to review lobbying disclosures; and enact campaign finance reform.”

Meadville Tribune: In Edinboro University appearance, Gov. Wolf calls on state to focus on four areas

“[Governor Wolf wants] to ‘rein in government.’ He would do that by banning all gifts to elected officials and staff. He also called for ‘real campaign reform’ in Pennsylvania and ‘make sure our elected representatives represent our (citizens’) interest, not the big donors.’ He also suggested full disclosure of all income from outside sources — such as those employed at a second job. He also suggests eliminating payment to members who serve on corporate boards.”

Sharon Herald: Time for Pennsylvania to look at reforms

“Current Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is touting a measure of reforms that he said will curb such abuses in the future. Wolf met with The Herald’s newspaper staff on Thursday to talk about his proposed ‘Government that Works’’ reform plan The measure calls for banning gifts, contracting reform, stiffer disclosure requirements on lobbying and increased transparency.”


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