BLOG: Governor Wolf’s Open Data Initiative Encourages Pennsylvanians to Engage in Innovative Policy Solutions (Round-up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Aide

April 25, 2016

Governor Wolf recently signed an executive order to release agency data to public open, machine readable formats, known as “open data”.

Open data refers to data in a format that can be understood by a computer and used freely by anyone. By releasing state data, it increases the ability for researchers, businesses and citizens to engage and find innovative solutions to improve public and private services. The Office of Administration has been directed by the Governor to establish a central repository to serve as the common location for open data published by state agencies. The new site is expected to be ready this summer and will continue to expand as new types of data are added.

“Over time, we believe that open data can provide a faster and more efficient way to deliver data to those who need it, and create opportunities for data analysts, entrepreneurs and technology developers to leverage our data and services in new and innovative ways,” Governor Wolf said in a statement released Tuesday.

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PennLive: New initiative opens up state government: ‘Here’s our data. Go do interesting things with it.’

“This initiative stems from Wolf’s commitment to transparency and desire to be part of an open data movement that has been underway for several years at the federal, state and local levels, said the governor’s Office of Administration Secretary Sharon Minnich.’The goal of it is really to make information available in a machine readable format so it can by downloaded and used by data analysts, app developers, businesses and citizens in any way that they really choose to use that data,’ Minnich said.”

Pittsburgh Business Times: Pa. unveils open data initiative

Gov. Tom Wolf announced an executive order for commonwealth agencies to release its data in formats that are accessible to everyone. The Office of Administration will start a website later this summer that will be the repository of state-collected data. “One of our most valuable and underutilized resources in state government is data,” Wolf said in a statement. Philly: Gov. Wolf signs open data executive order

“Our goal,” Wolf said in a statement, “is to make data available in order to engage citizens, create economic opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs, and develop innovative policy solutions that improve program delivery and streamline operations.”

State Scoop: Pennsylvania governor orders open data portal

In an executive order signed Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf tasks the Pennsylvania Office of Administration with creating an advisory committee that will establish data management standards for the state’s agencies and that will set up a repository where the public can access the state’s open data.  The portal will include data related to schools, jobs and government efficiency, according to Pennsylvania Secretary of Administration Sharon Minnich.

Government Technology: Pennsylvania Announces Open Data Portal

Pennsylvania is renewing its commitment to transparency. On April 18, Gov. Tom Wolf… signed an executive order to create an open data portal. The new portal is mandated to contain downloadable, machine-readable data, a feature not offered by the state’s existing transparency site called PennWATCH. The state Office of Administration is also mandated to help agencies find their most valuable data sets.


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