BLOG: Higher Education Investment Leads to High-Paying Jobs

By: Sarah Galbally, Deputy Secretary of Policy & Planning

December 05, 2015

Pennsylvania’s future depends on providing every child with a high-quality education — one that does not end with high school graduation. Part of the historic education funding Governor Wolf has secured this year includes a five percent increase in funding to state and state-related universities, as well as community colleges.


This higher education investment will begin to restore the cuts made to these schools over the last four years, while aiming to dramatically improve college completion rates in the commonwealth and strengthen our education system’s alignment with the workforce and the needs of employers. Specifically, Governor Wolf is working toward a goal of 60 percent of Pennsylvania residents earning a degree or high-value certificate by 2025. He’s also committed to making college more affordable to middle class families, struggling with increasing tuition hikes due to past cuts from the state.

Governor Wolf tours Bucks County Community College, Center for Workforce Development

As part of the governor’s commitment to higher education, his administration will work with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and the state’s 15 community colleges to develop individual college plans that address performance, affordability, student completion, and transformation through structured career pathways and partnerships with employers.

Pennsylvania is home to many world-class colleges and universities that play a critical role in research and innovation. Investing in higher education will encourage innovation by translating the research done there into real jobs that pay.

As Governor Wolf has said from the beginning, investing in public education — from pre-k through post-secondary — is the only way to set the commonwealth on the path better communities, higher wages, and economic prosperity.


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