BLOG: Honoring the Women Who Keep Us Safe

By: First Lady Frances Wolf

March 30, 2016

As this year’s Women’s History Month comes to a close, Tom and I were honored to join the Pennsylvania Commission for Women at the Governor’s Residence to recognize a special group of Pennsylvania women who are often overlooked and under recognized – our female veterans.

Right now there are more than 71,000 Pennsylvania women serving in various branches of the armed services. And, as Tom pointed out, these brave women, who selflessly serve our country and our commonwealth have too often gone unnoticed for their service throughout our history as a country and a state.

Honoring the Women who Keep Us Safe

That is exactly why we invited them here today during Women’s History Month.

Tom understands and recognizes the importance of women in leadership roles and women in public service. Not only is he the proud father of two strong, successful young women, but the two interior doors in his Capitol office lead to offices occupied by women of great responsibility – his Chief of Staff Mary Isenhour and his General Counsel, Denise Smyler. He is surrounded by strong, determined women!

Which is why he also understands and recognizes the significant challenges that many women in public service – and specifically our armed services – still face. Sadly, many women still experience discrimination and gender inequality – and nowhere has that been more apparent than in the military.

Women’s History Month

This is unacceptable – but we are making progress.

Women can now attend the Army’s elite Ranger School, and women are now fully integrated into all military positions, including combat positions.

We have all seen throughout our history as a nation and a state that nothing can stop a group of determined women.

As I looked around the room today at all of the women that continue to make sacrifices for our safety, I am encouraged for the future of our commonwealth and our country. With leaders and public servants like the ones that joined us at the Governor’s Residence today, Pennsylvania’s women will continue to affect significant change in our government and our communities.

I was proud to join my husband to recognize the incredible service and contributions of all of these women. I know that, together, we can achieve great things for Pennsylvania.

For a full list of the women that were honored today, click here.

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