BLOG: I Still Believe in Pennsylvania

By: Governor Tom Wolf

February 08, 2016

My fellow Pennsylvanians: Our Commonwealth is in crisis. A crisis that threatens our future. And later today, I will deliver my 2016-2017 Budget Address where I will lay out — for each member of the General Assembly, and for every Pennsylvanian — the actions we must take to resolve this crisis, and the consequences we will all face if we don’t.

But despite the overwhelming challenges we now face, I still believe in Pennsylvania.

Last year, instead of shortchanging our schools, I proposed a historic commitment to education. I was disappointed by the Republicans’ unbalanced and bad-for-education proposal. And I was disappointed again when they walked away from our compromise budget.

But I am not discouraged.

The strength, resiliency, and spirit of Pennsylvania’s citizens gives me hope and illuminates our path forward. And I will continue to work hard and sacrifice to build a better Commonwealth.

I ran for this office because I believe deeply in our potential. The people of Pennsylvania deserve schools that teach, jobs that pay, and a government that works for them.

I’m ready to do the hard work to build a brighter future for Pennsylvania. I hope you’re ready to join me.



Governor Tom Wolf will deliver his 2016-2017 Budget Address today at 11:30 AM. The speech will be live streamed on our website at You can also find updates and behind-the-scenes content on the 2016-2017 budget announcement on our Facebook and Twitter all this week.

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