BLOG: Let’s Give Everyone a Chance to Work

By: Ted Dallas, Secretary of Human Services

March 20, 2016

Governor Wolf knows that people with a disability are a vastly underemployed group. That’s why he signed an executive order last week to increase employment opportunities among people with disabilities in Pennsylvania. He wants everyone to have a chance to work at competitive jobs with competitive wages.


Creating jobs that pay and a government that works are among the governor’s key priorities. Pennsylvania needs a strong, diverse workforce to strengthen the economy.

Governor Wolf’s executive order is designed to increase competitive integrated employment among people with disabilities. That means jobs where people with a disability work side-by-side with workers without disabilities, with the same opportunities and pay scale.

The Wolf administration will explore ways to reduce barriers to employment and conduct a thorough review of programs and policies with a goal of increasing the overall number of people with disabilities who are employed in competitive, integrated jobs. The plan will also work to align funding, policy, data collection, and practices.

He wants Pennsylvania to be a model state in creating a climate hospitable to workers with a disability, to give everyone a chance to work.


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