BLOG: Pennsylvania’s Legislature Is Behind Other States on This Important Issue (Again)

By: Darwin Paz, Digital Assistant

April 08, 2016

Like medical marijuana and raising the minimum wage, Pennsylvania’s legislature is behind other states on a huge national issue: non-discrimination.

Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast without a full employment non-discrimination law covering sexual orientation and gender identity.

Unfortunately, in other parts of the country states have decided to do the opposite of protecting their citizens from discrimination. News of laws passed in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia that legalize forms of discrimination and strip LGBT citizens of protections have made national headlines for being regressive and wrong.

But despite public outcry, the Pennsylvania General Assembly has made little to no progress in protecting our citizens in Pennsylvania by passing non-discrimination legislation.

PA is the only NE state without a non-discrimination law

The Williams Institute at UCLA Law School estimates that approximately 69% of Pennsylvania’s workforce is not covered by a local ordinance that prohibits employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

That’s why yesterday Governor Wolf took executive action to make state government a safer, more inclusive place to work — and send a message to the legislature that they need to act to protect the rest of Pennsylvanians from housing and employment discrimination.

Pennsylvania will not be the next North Carolina, Mississippi or Georgia. It is time for Pennsylvania to join its neighboring states in protecting its citizens from discrimination.


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