BLOG: Plain Unfinished (VIDEO)

By: Governor Tom Wolf

January 06, 2016

Last month, the Republicans passed a fiscally irresponsible budget that increases the deficit and cuts education funding by $95 million.

After $1 billion in budget cuts to our schools over the past several years, this budget would have made our education crisis even worse.

Furthermore, the Republican budget does not balance. Pennsylvania already has a $2.3 billion structural deficit due to Republicans smoke and mirrors accounting of past years, and the half-baked budget they sent me increases it even more. It will lead to more credit downgrades and fiscal instability in Pennsylvania. It is not responsible.

Two weeks ago, I vetoed their budget, while releasing emergency funding for schools and key services.

Now, the legislature, which has been on vacation since before Christmas, needs to come back to Harrisburg and finish their work.

The budget they sent me not only underfunded education and adds to the deficit, it also is plain unfinished. Literally, it is not complete.

The Republicans did not pass legislation to provide funding for Pennsylvania’s institutions of higher learning including Pitt, Penn State, Temple, Lincoln and the Penn Vet school, leaving them completely without state funding.

They did not pass a fiscal code or a school code. They did not even pass a way to pay for their budget.

Most importantly, the legislature did not fund our schools or fix our deficit.

It is unacceptable and the legislature needs to come back and immediately pass a responsible budget.

We have a real chance to make historic investments in schools, truly balance the budget and begin to fix the deficit, and Republicans need to get back to work immediately to finish the job.



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