BLOG: Republicans Say No To Funding State-Related Universities

By: Jeff Sheridan, Governor Wolf's Press Secretary

January 11, 2016

We need a real budget – one that is balanced, fixes the deficit and invests in education at all levels. Unfortunately, House Republican leaders are still not serious about the budget.

Today, they tried to enact new funding for the state-related universities without paying for it. This comes on the heels of their budget that was $500 million out of balance, would grow the deficit to over $2.3 billion and would have cut funding to K through 12 education by $95 million.

Investing in higher education is important and Governor Wolf has been fighting to restore the cuts made by Republicans to education at all levels, including our state-related universities. The reality is that the Republican math does not add up.

The time for political posturing is long over – it is time for House Republicans to pass a balanced budget that fixes the deficit and truly funds education.



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