BLOG: Thank You For Standing Up on Medical Marijuana

By: Governor Tom Wolf

March 17, 2016

This morning, I want to reiterate my thanks to the Pennsylvania House for passing legislation to legalize medical marijuana.

Now, the bill goes to the Pennsylvania Senate for a final vote. Leaders in the Senate, where medical marijuana bills have passed twice, expect the bill to swiftly pass and go to my desk for signing.

As a long supporter of medical marijuana, I know the stories of the families deeply affected by the lack of legal cannabis treatment for their suffering loved ones in our state. I also know there is strong consensus among Pennsylvanians — 90% of Pennsylvanians support medical marijuana.

Soon, we will finally provide the essential help needed by those suffering from seizures, cancer, and other illnesses. It is long past time to provide this important medical relief to patients and families across the commonwealth, and I thank the quick action by the Pennsylvania House to bring us a huge step closer to legalizing medical marijuana.


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