GUEST BLOG: This Spring, Pennsylvanians Can Help PennDOT Tackle Potholes

By: Leslie S. Richards, Secretary of Transportation

March 26, 2016

The weather is starting to warm, flowers are starting to bloom, and the threat of a major winter storm is largely past us. The signs of spring are spreading, and for PennDOT, that means we’ve started tackling potholes on our state roadways.

PennDOT is responsible for nearly 40,000 miles of road, roughly the same size as New York, New Jersey and New England’s state systems combined. With our heavy truck traffic and more aggressive freeze-thaw cycles than many of our neighbors, each winter takes a big toll on our pavements.

The department has invested more than $6 million in asphalt for pothole repairs so far this year. And while Act 89, the state’s transportation funding plan, has let us resurface and improve thousands of miles of roadway, we’ll continue to see potholes each spring.

Potholes can form literally overnight, and generally appear more once the weather warms up. This graphic shows how a pothole is created:


While we can’t fully prevent potholes from occurring, I encourage the public to report them to us. Just call 1-800-FIX-ROAD with a detailed description of potholes’ location and size and our staff will work to address them as quickly as possible. You can also call this number to report other state-road maintenance concerns like dead deer or traffic signs.


Since construction season is also starting, you should also be aware that you can report concerns on construction projects, traffic signals, speed limits or other topics through our Customer Care Center. And when you’re planning upcoming travel, be sure to visit to see what projects are planned in your community. You can also check before you leave home to see what projects are impacting traffic in real-time.

Please drive safely this spring as you encounter our crews or other highway workers, whether they’re repairing potholes or replacing a bridge. Let’s all get home at the end of the day!


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