BLOG: It’s Time for Leadership, Not Games

By: Mark Nicastre, Communications Director

December 17, 2015

Governor Wolf has always said he would be a different kind of governor and that’s what he’s done. He’s worked with Republicans and Democrats to create a framework budget with bipartisan support. He has worked with Democrats and Republicans in order to secure an unprecedented increase for major basic education programs and historic bipartisan reforms to the liquor and pensions systems.


Twice since November, Governor Wolf has come to a bipartisan agreement with House and Senate leaders on a budget that makes historic investments in education and is balanced and paid for with revenue that begins to address our chronic deficit.

The Senate has passed nearly every piece of the budget, and we have continued good faith negotiations on all outstanding issues.

Governor Wolf has repeatedly called upon the legislature to come together to pass a budget. It’s time to finish the job that leaders in both chambers and both caucuses agreed to over a month ago.

With this budget we can rebuild Pennsylvania’s middle class, prepare our children for the jobs of the 21st century, and get Pennsylvania back on track. Maintaining the status quo that has plagued Harrisburg for so long is not an option.

It is far past time to end this impasse. Now we need the House Republican leadership to stand by the deal they made over a month ago. Let’s get it done.

Governor Wolf also made the following statement:


We can move Pennsylvania forward, but we need the legislature to end this impasse and finalize this historic compromise.



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