BLOG: Watch Governor Wolf’s WITF Interview on Pennsylvania’s Opioid Crisis

By: Kate Landis, Deputy Digital Director

May 16, 2016

Governor Wolf this morning was interviewed by WITF’s Ben Allen about Pennsylvania’s opioid crisis. The interview was live streamed through Facebook Live and users were able to watch as the governor talked his bipartisan opioid roundtables, the need to eliminate the stigma surrounding addiction, and more.

The magnitude of the addiction and overdose death epidemic in Pennsylvania is astounding — at least seven Pennsylvanians die every day from a drug overdose. With nearly 2,500 overdose deaths in Pennsylvania in 2014 and estimates that the 2015 total will be higher, a collaborative effort on the federal, state, and local levels is crucial in combating this crisis.

If you missed the live stream, watch the full video on the WITF Facebook page — and find out more about Governor Wolf’s efforts to combat Pennsylvania’s opioid crisis here.

This isn’t the first time the governor has taken to Facebook to share live video with users from across the commonwealth. In an effort to increase transparency in state government, Governor Wolf has used Facebook Live to share videos on a wide range of issues, and has even taken live questions directly from users during his Facebook Town Halls.

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