BLOG: You Support These Issues. Why Doesn’t Your State Representative?

By: Sarah Galbally, Secretary of Policy and Planning

March 29, 2016

What do education funding, the minimum wage, a severance tax, and medical marijuana all have in common?

They all have the support of the majority of Pennsylvanians. Take a look at the stats:

We know what Pennsylvanians highlight as their priorities. And we know almost nothing is accomplished in Harrisburg.

Governor Wolf came to Harrisburg to change the status quo, bring a fresh start, and fight for what Pennsylvanians actually care about each and every day.

The only way we can bring change to Harrisburg is to change how it works. And changing how Harrisburg works starts with reforming the influence special interests have on government.

Special interests still wield too much power and influence in Harrisburg, which is one of the reasons why it has been, and continues to be, broken.

Governor Wolf's Government Reform Plan


Governor Wolf knows that special interests don’t always have the best interests of Pennsylvanians at heart and that’s why he introduced his “Government that Works” Reform Plan. This plan has five goals:

  • Institute a gift ban for all public officials.
  • Require disclosure of the amount of compensation received by public employees from outside employment and ban paid service on corporate boards.
  • Implement broader “pay-to-play” provisions requiring the disclosure of campaign contributions made by parties seeking contracts.
  • Increase the Department of State’s ability to review lobbying disclosures and make referrals to the Ethics Commission.
  • Enact strong campaign finance reform.

We need to take on the special interests and status quo, and that starts with enacting Governor Wolf’s “Government that Works” Reform Plan.

Learn more about the “Government That Works” Reform Plan:


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