BLOG: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Votes to “Free the Six-Pack” for Nine Locations (Round-up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

May 26, 2016

Yesterday, the PLCB voted to “free the six-pack” by approving the applications for nine gas stations to sell up to 192 ounces of malt or brewed beverages. Governor Wolf, who had previously sent a letter to the PLCB urging them to consider the applications, applauded the board’s approval.

“’Freeing the six-pack’ will make the commonwealth more inviting for customers and businesses,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “I applaud the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for approving these applications and respectfully ask that they approve similar subsequent applications that otherwise meet PLCB standards in order to improve customer service and convenience for Pennsylvania.”

Take a look at the additional coverage below:
  • CBS Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Approves 6-Pack Sales At Gas Stations

    Governor Tom Wolf urged the board to make the approvals yesterday. Wolf thanks the PLCB for “freeing the six-pack” in gas stations by permitting businesses with appropriate protections to sell up to 192 ounces of malt or brewed beverages…One of those applications was coming from the recently opened Canonsburg Sunoco station in Washington County.

  • PennLive: Six-packs headed to gas stations and Gov. Tom Wolf is delighted

    On Wednesday, the board unanimously approved all nine of the fuel-related applications before it. Wednesday’s application approvals fall in line with the general move toward modernizing the state’s liquor system. Other incremental steps have included allowing beer distributors to sell 12-packs and more Sunday sales of alcohol.

  • TribLive: LCB grants 6-pack licenses to 2 Western Pa. gas stations

    Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board members unanimously granted nine licenses to sell six-packs of beer and other malt beverages to businesses that also sell gasoline at its meeting Wednesday. The applicants included the Exxon gas station on William Flynn Highway in Richland, Allegheny County, and the Sunoco gas station on West Pike Street in Canonsburg, Washington County. LCB spokeswoman Elizabeth Brassell said all three board members voted in favor of allowing the six-pack sales.

  • Philadelphia Business Journal: Pa. Liquor Control Board approves beer sales for 9 gas stations

    Over the past few days, the Governor and his team have advocated for the sale of malt and brewed beverages at the commonwealth’s gas stations. “Governor Wolf has requested a policy change at the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to free the six-pack and allow for gas stations to sell six-packs of beer as long as they regularly and customarily prepare and sell food, have a serving area of not less than 300 square feet, and are equipped with tables and chairs accommodating at least 30 persons at one time,” Wolf’s spokesman Jeff Sheridan wrote in a separate post.

  • LCB gives more gas stations OK to sell six-packs

    The Liquor Control Board’s unanimous vote Wednesday will allow the new locations in Luzerne, Washington, Huntingdon, Columbia and Allegheny Counties to sell gas and beer – a contentious issue in a state that for years has struggled with how, and even whether, to overhaul its strict controls and regulations over alcohol sales.. Gov. Wolf waded into the fray this week, urging the Liquor Control Board to award the licenses, which he said will help make the purchase of beer in the state more consumer-friendly.

  • York Dispatch: Liquor board approves gas station applications after Wolf’s request

    The state Liquor Control Board approved nine applications for licenses at gas stations at its board meeting on Wednesday, according to news release from Gov. Tom Wolf’s office. Wolf had written a letter to the board on Tuesday urging it to consider granting licenses for gas stations to sell up to 192 ounces of malt or brewed beverages…Since the board began keeping track, it has granted licenses to more than 300 grocery and convenience stores, including dozens that also have gas pumps,[PLCB spokeswoman Elizabeth] Brassell said.

  • Lehigh Valley Business: Pa. LCB clears way for six-pack beer sales at gas stations

    The board has voted to begin allowing six-pack sales at gas stations by approving nine licenses that came before it during its meeting today. There were nine applications before the board from such businesses that sought to sell up to 192 ounces of malt or brewed beverages, including six-packs of beer. Gov. Tom Wolf, who had been advocating for the approvals in an email campaign he called “Free the six-pack,” said it will make the state more inviting for consumers and business.

  • 90.5 WESA: Six-Pack Beer Sales OK’d In A Handful Of PA Gas Stations

    The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board granted nine more beer sales licenses to gas stations on Wednesday, including three in Western Pennsylvania. The decision came one day after Gov. Tom Wolf wrote to three board members encouraging the sale. Its the board’s first vote since February when the state Supreme Court said it would take up a case challenging whether a convenience store can sell beer and gasoline without violating state law.

  • Lancaster Online: Pennsylvania liquor board ‘frees the six-pack,’ allows beer sales at 9 gas stations

    Following an appeal by Gov. Tom Wolf to “free the six-pack,” the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board on Wednesday approved the applications of nine gas stations to sell beer. While none of them are in central Pennsylvania, the ruling appears to set a precedent that stores here could follow.

  • Associated Press: The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is granting nine more licenses to businesses that sell gasoline

    The Liquor Control Board’s vote Wednesday is the first since February. That’s when the state Supreme Court said it would take up a case challenging whether a convenience store can sell beer and gasoline without violating state law. The beer licenses are for groceries and convenience stores in northeastern Pennsylvania, including the Wilkes-Barre area, Hazleton, Orangeville and Mahanoy City, and in western Pennsylvania, including Canonsburg, Gibsonia and Huntingdon.

  • WGAL: Beer sales approved for 9 Pa. gas stations (VIDEO)

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