Celebrating Roads to Recovery in Pittsburgh

By: Governor Tom Wolf

September 12, 2016

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in Pittsburgh for the Roads to Recovery Walk, which aims to dispel the negative stigma associated with recovery from addiction, and instead celebrate the many roads to recovery and all those who have traveled them.

Right here in our commonwealth, there is not a family that is unaffected by this epidemic. There is not a family that doesn’t know someone – a neighbor, a friend or a family member – who is suffering from the disease of addiction.

I want to congratulate everyone in Pittsburgh who participated in this recovery walk and congratulate people all throughout the commonwealth who are in recovery from the disease of addiction. Your determination should be widely applauded and I hope that your strength is an inspiration to others who are suffering from a substance use disorder.

At the state level, we’re trying to give those who are currently suffering from the disease more resources and more options. We’ve got to start with eliminating the stigma around the disease of addiction and understand that every patient has different needs. I have made battling the opioid epidemic a top priority in my administration and will do everything I can to help those struggling with this disease.

Once again, congratulations to all those who have fought addiction and are now living lives of recovery. You are truly inspiring.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with a substance use disorder, find out how you can get help.


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