U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Physician General Dr. Levine Call on Legislators to Pass Non-Discrimination Protections (Round-up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

July 07, 2016

On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Bob Casey hosted a news conference in Pittston, Pennsylvania to address the need for non-discrimination legislation to be passed nationally and statewide. Pennsylvania’s Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine attended and participated in the senator’s conference.

Governor Wolf and his administration have supported non-discrimination efforts and have urged the legislature to pass laws to end discrimination in housing and employment practices statewide. In April, the governor signed two executive orders to protect LGBT workers employed by the state and companies contracted by the state.

“We must show that Pennsylvania is the place that William Penn envisioned when he founded our commonwealth on the principle that it is open, diverse, and inclusive for all people,” said Governor Wolf. “I call on the General Assembly to swiftly put legislation on my desk that ensures that people throughout the commonwealth – regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression or identity – are treated equally under Pennsylvania law.”

Take a look at the coverage below:
  • Times Leader: LGBT legislation all about equality, state and federal leaders say.

    “This has been a difficult year for the LGBT community,” [Dr. Rachel Levine] said. “On the heels of celebrations and congratulations of marriage equality just over a year ago, this year, 2016, has been tough.”… “It is clear the fight to end discrimination is not over,” Levine said. “These events are a clear call to action. This country must do more.”

  • PA Homepage: Advocates not giving up anti-discrimination law fight

    “As the state legislature sees that more and more communities are coming together for fairness and equality that that will help them do the right thing when it comes to this legislation,” PA Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine said.

  • Standard-Speaker: Casey calls for local pro-LGBT ordinances

    U.S. Senator Bob Casey (podium) joined Pennsylvania’s Physician General Dr. Rachel Levine and Northeastern Pennsylvania Rainbow Alliance President Carl Halkyer in supporting and pushing for Pennsylvania’s statewide anti-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday, July 5th, at the Pittston Library.


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