The Commission on LGBTQ Affairs’ Statement on the Passing of Shantee Tucker of Philadelphia

September 12, 2018

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Commission for LGBTQ Affairs mourns the loss of Shantee Tucker who was murdered in Philadelphia on September 5, 2018. The Commission also acknowledges the pervasive violence affecting the transgender community and, most specifically, affecting transgender women of color. The prevalence of sexual violence, as well as many other forms of discrimination, against individuals who are transgender is disturbing and needs to be addressed and eradicated. Our queer and trans communities of color deserve to be seen. Their stories deserve to be heard, valued, and trusted. The Commission strives to be a voice for all, including the most marginalized, and we will advocate for the safety and liberation of all members of our communities.

This is another reminder that Pennsylvania’s laws regarding non-discrimination and hate crimes protections do not include members of the LGBTQ community, despite the real threats and fears of personal violence and discrimination. The Commission will continue to work with Governor Wolf and our partners in the General Assembly to pass these commonsense and necessary changes to state law.

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