DCED Brings the World to PA with Tour to Facilitate Businesses’ Export Interests

By: Dennis M. Davin, Secretary of Community and Economic Development

September 12, 2016

Exports play a very large role in Pennsylvania’s economy. Just how large? Well, the Pennsylvania-grown and made goods that are available around the globe to customers in 210 countries and territories generate an economic impact total approximately $39.4 billion, or roughly 6.5 percent of the commonwealth’s GDP.

And, what exactly do we export? You may be surprised to learn that Pennsylvania ranks in the top five U.S. states for exports across 21 industries. Our leading exports run the gamut from pharmaceuticals and medicines, to travel services, to coal and petroleum gases. Pennsylvania also stands as the top state for exports of miscellaneous transportation equipment ($692 million), sugar and confectionary products ($669 million), and products manufactured from purchased steel ($110 million).

Now you may be thinking, “That’s great, but how does it affect me?” Considering that international trade – both imports and exports – supports 1.6 million Pennsylvania jobs (more than one in five jobs depends on it), your well-being, and that of your friends and family, may be more closely related to exports than you realize. Trade-related employment is also increasing rapidly, growing 4.3 times faster than total employment from 2004 to 2014, and it provides opportunities for well paying, stable positions that help strengthen the middle class.

Supporting our success in international trade, Pennsylvania is home to one of the largest, most comprehensive state-sponsored export development programs in the country, with authorized trade representatives covering 51 countries.

Following a tradition that began more than 15 years ago, we are excited to once again share the commonwealth’s export resources with Pennsylvania businesses through this year’s “Bringing the World to PA” tour.

Hosted by the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), “Bringing the World to PA” spans two weeks from September 12 to 23 and provides opportunities for Pennsylvania companies interested in exporting their products and services to meet one‐on‐one with the commonwealth’s international Authorized Trade Representatives (ATRs) from 14 countries.

At the tour’s 10 locations across the state, Pennsylvania’s ATRs will initiate conversations with export-seeking businesses regarding foreign market intelligence, agents and distributor candidates, and industry and government contacts, as well as on‐the‐ground assistance abroad. The events will also include a series of presentations, seminars, and networking events.

Pennsylvania businesses interested in participating in “Bringing the World to PA” are encouraged to visit dced.pa.gov/worldtopa for additional information. To join in the social media conversation and stay up‐to‐date with all the current news on exporting products from Pennsylvania, follow the conversation on @tradePA and use the hashtag #BTW2PA.




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