More than 11 million doses of COVID vaccine have been administered in PA. All adults and adolescents age 12-17 are eligible for vaccination. Learn more.

More than 10 million doses of COVID vaccine have been administered in PA. All adults and adolescents age 12-17 are eligible for vaccination starting April 13. Learn more.

GO-TIME: Department of Aging and WITF Partner on Senior Programing and Continued Cost Savings

November 29, 2017

Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Aging, in partnership with WITF, recently kicked-off season four of MindMatters – a monthly series for older Pennsylvanians.

“Research confirms that mental exercise is just as critical as physical exercise in keeping our brains fit and healthy,” said Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne. “The MindMatters series and our collaboration with WITF provides Pennsylvania’s seniors with the opportunity to learn new things, and be intellectually stimulated in a social and supportive environment.”

Through the partnership, the department has saved more than $100,000 since 2015 and projects another $40,000 in savings for the current fiscal year.

MindMatters features intellectually stimulating lectures by academics and experts on topics such as history, current events, politics, culture, gardening and healthy living. To foster the engagement of older adults in senior community center programs, the MindMatters segments are designed to be viewed in a group setting and streamed into senior community centers and continuing care retirement communities across the state. The program is offered at no cost to participants.

Prior to MindMatters, senior community centers would pay individuals to travel and present on various topics in person. The cost and logistics of delivering this type of programming made it difficult or sometimes impossible for some centers to provide. Now, senior community centers can choose from over 30 lectures on topics of interest that appeal to their participants.

To date, two episodes from season four have been released – one titled “Milton Hershey and his Enduring Legacy,” and the other “The Beginnings of Automobile Culture.”

MindMatters is among the 275 GO-TIME projects being undertaken by state agencies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and, most importantly, preserve and enhance services to the public. Together, these projects have saved over $373 million since 2015.

“MindMatters illustrates the Wolf Administration’s commitment to providing innovative services that enable older adults to remain active, engaged, and living and aging well in their homes and communities,” said Secretary Osborne.

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