GO-TIME, Department of Aging, and WITF join Northeastern Senior Center for MindMatters

March 20, 2017

York County, PA – Today, GO-TIME Director Sharon Ward, Pennsylvania Department of Aging Deputy Secretary Terry Barley, and WITF President and CEO Kathleen Pavelko joined seniors to highlight the MindMatters program at the Northeastern Senior Center in Mt. Wolf, Pa.

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging, in partnership with WITF, delivers the MindMatters series, which is a monthly educational lecture presented by academics and experts on subjects ranging from history and current events, to politics and culture, to gardening and healthy living. Along with its educational value, the MindMatters program has resulted in a direct cost savings of over $39,000 for the Department of Aging.

“The partnership between the Department of Aging and WITF is just one way that the Wolf administration is reimagining the way state government delivers services to the public,” said Director Ward. “GO-TIME is building relationships with universities, local governments and other external partners to collaborate on initiatives and share resources in ways that benefit us all.”

In an effort to foster the participation of older adults in senior community center programs, the MindMatters segments are designed to be viewed in a group setting and streamed via the internet to senior community centers and continuing care retirement communities across the state.

“The Department of Aging is committed to providing the opportunity for older Pennsylvanians to participate in life-long learning and self-management programs,” said Deputy Secretary Terry Barley. “The MindMatters series and our collaborative efforts with WITF illustrate how the commonwealth can continue to support senior benefits and programs while also identifying cost saving measures.”

“We are honored to partner with the Department of Aging by bringing our programming and production expertise to support the department’s goal to enhance the social and intellectual lives of the clients,” said Kathleen Pavelko, WITF’s President and CEO.

In addition to MindMatters, GO-TIME is working with Department of Aging and other state agencies on a total of 190 projects during this fiscal year to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and, most importantly, preserve and enhance services to older Pennsylvanian’s and the public. Last fiscal year, GO-TIME reported over $156 million in savings and expects to exceed that figure in 2016-17.

Following comments, Northeastern Senior Center attendees participated in a viewing of the MindMatters segment titled, Be a Spring Chicken Stay Young Forever.

For more information on MindMatters events, visit mindmatters.witf.org.

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