GO-TIME: PA Parole Board Saves Money, Improves Productivity through Digitalization of Offender Files

August 25, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today announced that the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole has implemented a document imaging system that will allow current paper files to be migrated to a totally electronic environment. This initiative, known as OnBase, is part of the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Modernization and Efficiency (GO-TIME), and will save the commonwealth $1 million in the next four years.

“As part of Governor Wolf’s goal of creating a government that works in Pennsylvania, the board is working to create a total mobile work environment for employees to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance public safety – and I believe we have achieved this goal with the mobility project,” said PA State Parole Board Member Michael C. Potteiger. “By the end of this month, all parole cases will be electronic for decision-making purposes. This will allow our parole officers to remain in the field while accessing electronic documents about their parolees.”

The conversion to digital files will provide many benefits, which include:

  • Eliminating a majority of the agency’s annual mailing costs
  • Eliminating approximately 85 percent of the agency’s paper needs
  • Eliminating the need to increase physical office space, both at headquarters and the statewide offices;
  • Allowing all records associated with an offender to be connected to each other electronically (.pdfs of documents, digital hearing recordings, victim input testimony and videos, etc.).

In addition, streamlining the parole board decision-making process by decreasing the number of days from an offender interview to a board decision will result in a significant cost-savings due to the electronic processing.  The original paper file will no longer be shipped between board members across the state in order to generate the required number of votes to decide a case.

“Reforming the voting and record keeping processes is expected to decrease the need for parole staff to manage the file room, box and mail files, move files between offices statewide and input board decisions to allow the decision to be easily printed,” added Potteiger.

The board has digitalized approximately 80,000 plus active paper offender files that will save the Commonwealth over $1 million in the next four years. The remaining 300,000 plus archived paper files will be digitalized if they are returned to active status.

Currently, the board has over 1,200 institutional, field personnel and central office staff located in three regions across the commonwealth working toward its goal of public safety.

GO-TIME works modernize operations, share resources and engage employees in transformation in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve service. During the 15-16 fiscal year, state agencies saved over $156 million through GO-TIME.

For more information on state parole, visit the board website at www.pbpp.pa.gov.

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