That Works: Launch of Our Pilot

By Krystal Bonner, Digital Director

June 17, 2016 That Works is a series of blog posts dedicated to Pennsylvania digital initiatives. For the first post, we’re talking about the launch of the new pilot.

At the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we’re focused on building a Government That Works — and that includes improving how you access government services and information online.

Today, we launched a new pilot site. This 60-second video will introduce you to some of the main features of the redesigned pilot site.

On the new pilot site, we will test out ideas to serve you better digitally. You can help us figure out what works and what doesn’t on the new pilot by giving us feedback on our new look. You can also view the old version of at while we tweak the new website.

As the former owner of a cabinet company, I know how important customer service is to growing a successful business. As governor, my customers are the citizens of Pennsylvania. I am proud to launch a new that has been built from user feedback and utilizes data and design in order to best serve the citizens of the commonwealth. – Governor Tom Wolf

Users of the old told us they couldn’t find what they were looking for. That’s not government that works. For our pilot launch, we focused on these three goals.

  • Design That Works.

    Build for every device.
    More than a third of our users are mobile. The mobile version of the pilot website is not just a scaled-down version of the desktop site — it is an experience designed specifically for users on mobile devices.

  • Navigation That Works.

    Help users find what they need fast.
    Think “less bloat, better access to services.” The pilot site gives users multiple ways to find the services they need — via search, trending services, and browsing. And we want to organize services in a way that makes sense to Pennsylvanians, not bureaucrats.

  • Data That Works (for you).

    Use analytics to make content decisions.
    We know what is important to users because they are searching for it, clicking on it, and viewing it. Let’s use that data to inform our content decisions and improve features, like adding a “trending” to the search bar.

Today’s launch is just the beginning, and we will set more goals for the site over the next months of the pilot as we add, subtract, and fine-tune.

Help us make work better for you — check out the new site and take the feedback survey.


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