Gov. Wolf: A Decade at $7.25? Too Little for Too Long

July 24, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – Today marks 10 years that Pennsylvania’s minimum wage has been stuck at the embarrassingly low rate $7.25 per hour. The last minimum wage increase was on July 24, 2009, when the federal government, not the commonwealth, raised the wage. Governor Tom Wolf released the following statement about his ongoing fight to increase the minimum wage:

“Today is a sad reminder that thousands of workers are struggling to get by because Pennsylvania hasn’t raised the minimum wage in a decade. While those hardworking people lag behind, 29 other states – including all of our neighbors – have raised the wage for their workers.

“Pennsylvanians shouldn’t earn less than workers in West Virginia, Ohio, or New Jersey for the same job. We are a state known for our tremendous work ethic, but when jobs don’t pay enough, people can’t afford basics like food and rent. That should be unacceptable to all of us. No one who works hard should have to live in poverty.

“All hardworking men and women – no matter the age – have waited too long with low wages. Increasing the minimum wage helps families, lets people work their way off public assistance, reduces the gender pay gap, and boosts spending at local businesses.

“Waiting ten years for a minimum wage increase is too long. The public overwhelmingly supports raising the wage and it’s time for Harrisburg to listen. The legislature must stand with workers and raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.”

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