Gov. Wolf Applauds Biden Admin. Order Protecting Reproductive Health Care

July 08, 2022

Today, Governor Tom Wolf thanked President ​Joe Biden for standing up for the right of Americans to make their own private medical decisions without interference from extremist politicians:

“Thank you, President Biden, for the steps you are taking to protect reproductive rights at the federal level. Over the last two weeks, extremist right-wing politicians have shown they will stop at nothing to exert control over the bodies, lives and reproductive choices of Americans who can become pregnant. It’s despicable and unacceptable.

“Every person in Pennsylvania should have the right to decide if, when and how they become a parent. I will continue to stand firm against attacks on reproductive health care that reach my desk here in Pennsylvania, and my administration is exploring all of our options to increase protections at the state level. However, the fact that extremist politicians are aggressively advancing bans at the state level shows exactly why federal protections for abortion and all reproductive health care are so important. This is why elections – including the upcoming elections for governor and US senator here in Pennsylvania – are so important.

“I applaud this order to protect the health, safety and privacy of Americans who can become pregnant, but we need to go even further. I urge Congress to step up and do your part – protect abortion under federal law, now, before more Americans are hurt by horrific state-level abortion bans.”

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