Teacher Makes Case For Raising Minimum Salary in Call with Gov. Wolf

February 26, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf called a Washington County teacher to discuss his plan to raise the minimum teacher salary in Pennsylvania from $18,500 to $45,000 per year. The teacher is one of more than 3,200 who would benefit from the salary increase statewide.

“Providing high-quality education is one of my priorities, and that includes making sure we can attract and retain talented teachers,” said Gov. Wolf. “Raising the teacher salary to $45,000 would lift financial strain from our teachers, allowing them to direct their attention more fully to educating young Pennsylvanians.”

Pennsylvania arbitrarily sets minimum compensation for Pennsylvania teachers and other education professionals, including counselors and school nurses, at a 1980s-level of $18,500 per year, or $8.90. This salary assumes a 40-hour workweek, even though most educators spend many hours out of the classroom preparing lesson plans and reviewing student assignments. Gov. Wolf’s proposal to raise the minimum teacher salary in Pennsylvania to $45,000 per year better aligns the commonwealth with other states and today’s cost of living, helping to attract the best teachers for Pennsylvania’s children.

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