Gov. Wolf Continues to Urge Commonsense Gun Violence Solutions, Vows to Veto Bill Impeding Local Government Action

January 25, 2022

Following the Senate’s passage of House Bill 979 today, Governor Tom Wolf vowed to continue vetoing every piece of legislation to reach his desk that ignores the need for commonsense gun violence solutions and fails to protect Pennsylvanians.

During a time when injuries and deaths from gun violence are spiking, House Bill 979 would discourage local jurisdictions from attempting to regulate firearms. In addition, it provides an opportunity for individuals to challenge local ordinances and sue a county, municipality, or township that violates the prohibition on stricter firearms laws.

“As if it weren’t bad enough that the Republican-controlled General Assembly refuses to pass commonsense gun violence solutions, they insist on taking it a step further by working to loosen gun laws—like their attempt to allow unvetted gun owners carry concealed weapons through our streets last year—or now to discourage local jurisdictions from taking action on their own.

​”I will veto House Bill 979. It’s yet another bill that fails to prioritize the safety of all Pennsylvanians.​”

Under House Bill 979 Philadelphia, which has seen more gun violence-related deaths in 2022 than days in January so far, may be unable to enforce local laws that were created to curb the violence and save families and communities from continued heartache.

​”I have one year left and I promise Pennsylvanians that I will continue vetoing these dangerous bills. I urge my Republican colleagues to stop enabling the problem and step up to be a part of the solution,” said Gov. Wolf.

Gov. Wolf has worked throughout his administration to combat gun violence.

The 2022-23 budget will propose further support for violence prevention and reduction and law enforcement.

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