BLOG: Governor Wolf Hosts Roundtables in Bethlehem and Scranton to Discuss the Current Opioid Crisis (Round-up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

June 14, 2016

Last week, Governor Wolf was joined by legislators, local officials, law enforcement, and health care professionals to continue his roundtable discussions regarding the current opioid crisis. The roundtables, held in Bethlehem and Scranton, provided a forum for participants to discuss statewide and local ideas on how to best combat the opioid and heroin abuse epidemic in Pennsylvania. Fighting the opioid and heroin epidemic is a top priority for Governor Wolf and his administration.

“These roundtables are an opportunity to work collaboratively with the General Assembly and community leaders to ensure Pennsylvania leads the nation in the fight to combat the opioid abuse and heroin use crisis,” said Governor Wolf.

The Wolf Administration hopes that these discussions are just the beginning of a larger conversation with both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate as well as local officials, law enforcement, emergency responders, and healthcare professionals.

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  • The Morning Call: Gov. Wolf holds town hall on heroin epidemic in Bethlehem

    “There are a lot of things that we will disagree on in Harrisburg, as you all know,” said [Governor]Wolf….”But this is one of the issues that we all agree that we need to do something about.”

  • Times-Tribune: Governor, local officials talk opioids at roundtable

    At least 2,500 Pennsylvanians were among that number [in 2014], Mr. Wolf said, with numbers from 2015 expected to be higher. “It’s a chronic disease. It’s not something you can take a pill and be cured,” Mr. Wolf said. “It’s something that’s going to take some long-term care and long-term attention.”

  • Lehigh Valley Live: Pennsylvania’s opioid and heroin fight comes to Bethlehem

    “This is not only an epidemic. At some of these roundtables, people have referred to this as a plague,” [Governor] Wolf said during the discussion hosted by Northampton Community College at the Fowler Family Southside Center.

  • WNEP: Governor Talks Overdose Problem as Locals Plan Rally

    “A lot of it does start at home and I think the early diagnosis is really important,” said Governor Wolf. “If you see this, don’t ignore it and get out of denial. It’s a disease.”

  • The Morning Call: Governor Tom Wolf Leads Round Table Talk (VIDEO)

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