Gov. Wolf Signs Bills into Law, Vetoes Bill That Could Delay Reporting of Public Health Information

November 03, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf signed several bills into law today, including Senate bills 30, 94, 395, 530, 976, 1110 and 1195.

Senate Bill 30 amends the Tax Reform Code to make changes to city revitalization and improvement zones and to establish the PA Housing Tax Credit.

Senate Bill 94 revises the definition of “employee” in the Workers’ Compensation Act to clarify coverage requirements of members of volunteer emergency service organizations.

Senate Bill 395 amends the act entitled “An act granting to the Governor of the Commonwealth the sole authority for regulating the display of the flag of the United States from any public ground or building and from any ground or building of certain other institutions,” further providing for display of the POW/MIA flag.

Senate Bill 530 amends the Public School Code regarding attendance for students convicted or adjudicated delinquent of sexual assault of another student.

Senate Bill 976 allows the establishment of commerce courts and veterans’ courts.

Senate Bill 1110 amends the Disease Prevention and Control Law, providing for reports from health care facilities and personal care homes when a patient or resident is suffering from a communicable disease related to a disaster emergency and for confidentiality of reports and records.

Senate Bill 1195 amends the Insurance Company Law to adopt the Credit for Reinsurance Model Law and the Health and Life Insurance Guaranty Association Model Law.

The governor also vetoed Senate Bill 1164, which adds additional reporting requirements to certify a natural death. Given the substantial increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, this bill would delay the reporting and the access to public health information needed to make timely public health and safety decisions, as well as the issuances of death certificates.

View the governor’s SB 1164 veto message.

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