Gov. Wolf Urges Senate to Pass Inflation Reduction Act

August 05, 2022

Today, Governor Tom Wolf thanked President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats for introducing the Inflation Reduction Act. Gov. Wolf gave the following statement urging Congress to act quickly to pass the bill:

“Right now, Pennsylvanians and their families are hurting from inflation. As prices have gone up, paychecks have had to stretch further than ever to cover the higher cost of food, rent, medicine and more. Working families are bearing the brunt of inflation – and that’s why we need the Inflation Reduction Act.

“At a time when our people are hurting, we must take action to help. To do nothing in the face of this pain would be not only a grave mistake – it would be a dereliction of duty. That’s why I’ve reintroduced my plan to put $2000 back in the pockets of Pennsylvanians. It’s also why I support the Inflation Reduction Act.

“The Inflation Reduction Act will take pressure off of working families and provide more stability for our economy, right now. It also looks ahead – providing a better future for our children and our world by fighting the climate crisis and lowering energy costs.

“This would be the single largest climate investment in U.S. history. Reports have shown that our world has very little time left to act to reduce the damage of climate change. As we approach a crucial tipping point for our world, the Inflation Reduction Act will put America on the path to reduce emissions by nearly 40% by 2030 at the same time that it will add clean energy jobs and improve American energy security. The time to act to protect American lives, homes and communities from climate change is now.

“A vote for the Inflation Reduction Act is a vote to lower costs for the American family. It will directly counter inflation by lowering prescription drug costs, health insurance premiums, energy costs, and more. I urge Congress to swiftly take up this necessary legislation and send it to President Biden’s desk, because American families need your help.”

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