Governor Wolf Visits Centers of Excellence, Discusses Investment 2016-17 Budget Made in Combating Opioid Abuse (Round-up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

August 11, 2016

Governor Wolf has been visiting Centers of Excellence around the commonwealth discussing his administration’s investment in expanding treatment for individuals with opioid use disorder. Joined by Department of Human Services Secretary Ted Dallas, the governor visited Gateway Rehabilitation in Allegheny County, Esper Treatment Center in Erie, Penn Foundation in Bucks County, Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Crossroads Counseling in Williamsport, and Montgomery County Recovery Center in Norristown.

There will be a total of twenty Centers of Excellence established statewide by October 1, 2016 that will have the ability to treat approximately 4,500 people currently suffering from Opioid Use Disorder but are unable to access treatment.

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90.5 WESA: 20 Centers of Excellence Treating Opioid Addiction To Open By Fall

Ted Dallas, secretary of the Department of Human Services, said this multidimensional approach is a step away from the typical addiction treatment system. In the current treatment path, he said, professionals diagnose a patient with an opioid dependency, but then leave it up to the patient to navigate healthcare and insurance services. According to the Department of Human Services, many patients with opioid use disorders need help to stay active in the treatment process.

The Times: Gov. Wolf recognizes Gateway Rehab for commitment to opioid addiction treatment

“It’s a chronic disease, and we need to make sure that we’re treating the chronic disease carefully and appropriately,” Wolf said. “Every person has a different set of needs. It’s a holistic approach. And these Centers of Excellence are designed to help people navigate their way through the healthcare system, so each one of the sufferers gets the treatment he or she needs and is appropriate to his or her condition.”

YourErie: Gov. Wolf speaks in Erie on opioid crisis

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf made a stop in Erie to discuss the state’s opioid abuse crisis. Wolf spoke at the Esper Treatment Center in Erie on Thursday to discuss the investment made in the 2016-2017 budget to fight the opioid epidemic.

CBS Pittsburgh: Gov. Wolf Calls Special Legislative Session To Deal With Opioid Crisis

At the Gateway Rehab Center in Moon, Gov. Tom Wolf said he and legislative leaders have agreed to a special session to address the growing problem of Pennsylvanians addicted to prescription drugs and illegal opioids. “We’re all bound and determined that we’re going to get together. We’re going to look at this issue and try to come to terms with it,” said Wolf.

GoErie: Erie treatment center among 20 at heart of fight against opioid addiction

[Governor Wolf] and other state officials visited the center Thursday to discuss state and local efforts to combat Pennsylvania’s opioid and heroin epidemic, as well as to highlight the way new state funds are being used to address the public health crisis. The 2016-17 state budget passed in July included $20 million for the efforts.

Bucks County Courier Times: (Video) Gov. Tom Wolf talks about the state’s investment to fight opioid abuse Gov. Wolf takes aim at opioids in Philly

“This is a disease we need to get our arms around,” Wolf said at Thomas Jefferson University. “We’re losing people every day.” Wolf said 2,500 deaths in Pennsylvania were attributed to opioid overdoses last year, more than twice the 1,200 killed in traffic accidents. The funding, though modestly spread across the state, is a good start, he said.

The Intelligencer: Wolf announces Penn Foundation a Center of Excellence for opioid addiction treatment

Opioid addiction treatment requires a recovery plan that addresses all facets of an addict’s problems, not just the drug dependency, Gov. Tom Wolf said Friday while in West Rockhill. “Our health system is not dealing with this plague effectively,” Wolf said. “We need to treat the physical addiction while simultaneously treating the unique, underlying causes for the addiction within each sufferer.”

Sun-Gazette: Governor visits Billtown to award Third Street center with state funds

“We are losing too many people to a disease that we can do something about,” said Gov. Tom Wolf during a press conference at Crossroads Counseling Inc. on East Third Street. “We need to do more.” Part of the solution is a bipartisan effort to create 20 Centers of Excellence across the state, according to Wolf.

Daily Times: Governor Wolf addresses addiction, announces expansion funding for Recovery Center

“It’s affecting so many Pennsylvanians that no one can say I’m not affected by this. If you know somebody, or you’re affected by it personally, you have family or friends, neighbors. I think that’s making it that the need is perceived now,” [Governor] Wolf said. “From a bipartisan point of view, Republicans, Democrats, senators, representatives, we all want to work together on this. Suspend partisan hostility and say let’s do something about this.” Wolf wants more money for Pa. drug centers

Appearing in Norristown outside the Montgomery County Methadone Center, recently named one of 20 “Centers of Excellence,” [Governor] Wolf and Human Services Secretary Ted Dallas said they hoped the initiative would reduce addiction in communities such as Norristown, where drug violations occur at nearly double the Montgomery County rate, according to state figures.


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