Gov. Wolf Vows to Veto Proposed Anti-Abortion Legislation, Asks General Assembly to Focus on Solutions to Support Children and Families

January 25, 2022

Governor Tom Wolf today issued the following statement on anti-abortion legislation moving through Pennsylvania’s General Assembly.

“Since taking office, there have been six different anti-abortion bills introduced by members of Pennsylvania’s General Assembly, Gov. Wolf said. ​”I have vetoed three of those bills placed on my desk for signature and vowed to veto the rest. Yet, members continue to advance additional legislation that would restrict access to abortions in the commonwealth.​

“My administration is committed to reducing maternal mortality and giving women, birthing people, children and families the support that they need to succeed. This should be our focus, not regressive policies that make it harder for vulnerable people making difficult decisions about their health. Further, we have seen in other states, these policies are detrimental to efforts to attract and retain businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers. Instead of proposing legislation that will be vetoed, I invite members of the General Assembly to join my administration in addressing issues that affect the health and wellbeing of so many Pennsylvanians with quality solutions.”

Today, two bills in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee ​were approved along party lines. Senate Bill 152 would prohibit state funding to health care entities that perform abortion services. Senate Bill 956 would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to state there is no constitutional right to an abortion. These action​s would severely limit access to health care services for Pennsylvanians, specifically lower income individuals.

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