Governor Tom Wolf Announces Launch of GO-TIME Tracking Website

February 22, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today launched the first phase of a new tracking website – – for his administration’s efforts to modernize government operations in order to reduce costs and improve services through the Governor’s Office of Transformation, Innovation, Management and Efficiency (GO-TIME).

“In short, GO-TIME is about making Government that Works better for all Pennsylvanians. We’re focused on changing the way business is conducted to assure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, redundancies are eliminated and customer interactions – in-person, online and by phone – at all levels are improved. These improvements will produce savings for both the current and future state budgets,” Governor Wolf said. “Efficiency for GO-TIME is more than a buzzword, and not just arbitrary cuts that scale back important programs that help real people in need – and ultimately cost us more in the long run.

“This tracking website will provide taxpayers with a clear view of both how we’re improving their state government and what methodology we’re using to calculate savings – something past efforts lacked.”

To date, GO-TIME has identified more than 200 initiatives by state agencies to modernize government operations by increasing efficiency, improving technology and identifying opportunities for agencies to collaborate and share resources. These initiatives will provide benefits including $150 million in savings, reduced processing times, increased convenience and maximizing existing resources.

GO-TIME works with agencies, boards and commissions to identify opportunities to share resources, collaborate and engage employees in transformation. GO-TIME also seeks partnerships with external entities to bring new ideas and best practices into state government.

Here are a few examples of projects being pursued through GO-TIME:

Additionally, GO-TIME is working to foster collaboration and drive change through:

  • Continuous process improvement focused on customer service and employee efficiency;
  • Opportunities to partner with external entities to address challenges facing government; and
  • Employee engagement in contributing ideas for improvement and implementing change.

On the new GO-TIME, taxpayers can see exactly how Governor Wolf is improving customer service, procurement, efficiency and engagement in state government.

GO-TIME has developed a standard methodology for calculating cost savings and implemented a project management tool to track agency cost savings estimates and monitor the progress of initiatives on a quarterly basis, ensuring that cost savings are accurately captured and savings goals are achieved.

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