Governor Tom Wolf Discusses Education Funding, Budget Priorities on “Schools That Teach” Tour Stop

July 09, 2015

Downingtown, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today continued the “Schools That Teach” Tour in the Downingtown School District, where he stood with district administrators and teachers to speak about the importance of including significant increases in state education funding in the 2015-16 budget.

Last week, Governor Wolf vetoed the Republican budget that failed to address the core issues facing Pennsylvania, including a structural budget deficit, a drastically underfunded school system, and rising property taxes for seniors and middle-class families. Governor Wolf has remained committed to passing a 2015-16 budget that contains fair and adequate education funding in part by implementing a commonsense severance tax, provides property tax relief to Pennsylvania families and seniors, fixes the structural deficit, and provides a sound plan to create jobs across this commonwealth.

“The people of Pennsylvania want funding for education, and they support a commonsense severance tax to pay for it,” Governor Wolf said. “While my budget proposes a historic $1 billion investment in education at all levels, including $500 million for K-12 education, the Republican budget continues the handouts for oil and gas companies and the underfunding of our schools. Their budget includes only $8 million for education — that’s less than 3 cents, per child, per day.”

At Downingtown Middle School today, Governor Wolf joined Superintendent Dr. Larry Mussoline to discuss the effects that this school district would see from Governor Wolf’s budget. Governor Wolf’s plan includes over $1.3 million in additional funding for the Downingtown School District. The Republican budget provides $1 million less than this for Downingtown.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are in the education community to have Governor Wolf working and backing and fighting to create the best public school system in America right here in Pennsylvania,” said Dr. Mussoline. “To accomplish that goal, we need to innovate, create, and constantly sustain the system of financial support in all 500 Pennsylvania school districts. Simply put, a commitment in direly needed for funding those systems properly, adequately, and equitably. We all know that disparities in funding the 500 educational systems exist in Pennsylvania placing a large weight on the backs of property owners.”

Governor Wolf will continue to work with legislators in Harrisburg to enact a 2015-16 budget that not only provides fair and adequate funding for Pennsylvania’s schools, but also provides significant property tax relief and closes the structural budget deficit.


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